How to prevent diabetic foot

Diabetic foot is one of the serious complications of diabetes. Improper treatment can cause foot ulcers, wounds can not heal, and even the severe consequences of amputation, which affects the quality of life. So, as a diabetic patient, how to avoid the occurrence of diabetic foot?

Strictly control blood sugar

Only by keeping blood glucose within the normal range can we fundamentally prevent diabetic foot. Poor glycemic control and repetitive minor injuries are the main causes of diabetic foot ulcer formation and amputation. In addition, poor glycemic control can also affect wound healing, because neutrophil and phagocytic functions are impaired when blood glucose increases, and transfer factors cannot be increased accordingly to promote wound healing. Therefore, strict control of blood glucose, block or delay peripheral nerves and The development of peripheral vascular disease is of great significance to reduce the incidence and disability of diabetic foot.

How to prevent diabetic foot
Second, daily maintenance

  1. Check your feet every day, especially between your toes. Sometimes someone with experience is needed to help check your feet.
  2. Regularly wash your feet and dry them with a cloth, especially between your toes;

How to prevent diabetic foot

  1. The temperature of the water when washing feet should be appropriate, below 37 ℃, not too high or too low, to avoid burns or frostbite
  2. It is not suitable to use hot water bottles, electric heaters and other items to directly warm the feet;
  3. Avoid walking barefoot (especially on the beach);

How to prevent diabetic foot

  1. Avoid trimming crickets or treating crickets or toenails with chemicals;
  2. Cut toenails horizontally, do not handle corns and blisters by yourself, and professionally repair scabies or hyperkeratosis tissue
  3. Check for foreign matter or abnormality in the shoes before wearing them;
  4. Do not wear tight or raw socks or shoes;
  5. change socks daily, do not wear socks higher than the knee;
  6. Carefully choose the right shoes, change the shoes at least twice a week, avoid wearing high heels and wearing new shoes for a long time;
  7. foot skin can be used topical ointment skin care products, topical treatment of chicken eye drops or corrosive chemicals are contraindicated.

After suffering from diabetes, whether it is oral medication or insulin injection, complications can not be avoided. Therefore, if you want to treat diabetes, you can use the “Five in One” method of pancreas and glucose control to restore normal islet secretion, or use gastric bypass surgery to change food flow, relieve insulin resistance, treat diabetes, and get rid of lifelong medication. Private chat plus micro attention to understand the treatment.