If it ’s cold, eat more soy products

The raw material of soy products is soy, soy has high nutritional value! Soybeans are comprehensive in nutrition, rich in protein, and fats contain unsaturated fatty acids, which are easily absorbed by the human body. They also have dietary fiber, which is a very good ingredient. Soy products made from soy beans have the same effect. Winter is here. On such a cold day, eat some soy products to supplement your body! Today, I will introduce several kinds of soy products to everyone, which are necessary on the table, and the elderly and children love to eat!

Soymilk, use fresh soybeans, soak the soybeans for one night, wash them in the morning and put them into the soybean milk machine, add an appropriate amount of water, and wait patiently for more than ten minutes. Soymilk is milky white, attractive in color, tangy and savory. If you like sweet taste, you can put some white sugar, sweet but not greasy, with fritters. It is best for refreshing morning!

Yuba is made from the layer of oily skin on top of soy milk. It is very elastic and chewy. It is usually dry. When you eat it, first soak the Yuba and then cut it into sections, which can be cold or fried. Yuba and other ingredients are also very good. The taste will not be very strong and will not mask the taste of other ingredients.

Xiaobian, Xiaobian like to eat all kinds of halogen goods, tofu is one of them. Put the dried tofu in a special marinade, marinate for several hours or longer, and wait for the dried tofu to taste. Very elastic, with a variety of spices, very good taste, salty and delicious.

Cold tofu shreds, the tofu skin itself is relatively large, it is not easy to taste, so cut the tofu skin into filaments, then mix with seasonings such as raw salt, stir well, sprinkle with chives and minced garlic, and use hot oil Once poured, the fragrance was stimulated, making people’s appetite greatly increase, and they couldn’t stop at all!

Soy products are really delicious, and they are very suitable for pre-dinner dishes. Elderly children love to eat them!