Insomnia at night, you are more likely to get high blood pressure

Today, staying up late into the habit of most people, especially to catch up on vacation, many people directly take the night as the day, sleep late, the pace of life is very casual.

But staying up late will also cause problems, especially for certain groups of people.

Lao Liu is 63 years old. In the past three months, he has basically lost sleep at night, and can only sleep for four or five hours a day. Although there were no symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and chest tightness, blood pressure was found to be higher in the physical examination, and the value was 180/140 mmhg.

When I went to the hospital for treatment, my family told the doctor that Grandpa Liu was tempted on weekdays and still loves to watch TV, smoke and drink, staying up late, not taking blood pressure. He has not had a physical examination in the past 2 years. The doctor diagnosed Lao Liu as a high blood pressure and gave him a specific medication plan. After taking the medicine according to the doctor’s advice, Lao Liu’s blood pressure gradually decreased, and the quality of sleep actually improved a lot.

The quality of sleep determines the health of the body to a large extent. In China, the incidence of sleep disorders has already exceeded 30%, while those who have had insomnia and stay up late are nearly 70%.

One-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep, and a high-quality sleep can make people feel happy and energetic. Long-term sleep disorders not only cause skin to be long-spotted, dull, but also increase the risk of suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.

Sleep disorders include difficulty in falling asleep, easy to wake up, multiple dreams, early awakening, difficulty falling asleep after waking, fatigue or daytime sleepiness, and other normal rhythmic alternation disorders such as sleep and wakefulness. Studies have shown that the daily sleep time is less than 6 hours, the prevalence of hypertension will be three times that of healthy people.

Hypertension is a common cardiovascular disease, mainly due to sympathetic nervous system excitability, nocturnal neuroendocrine hormone imbalance, or small arterial contraction, increased peripheral vascular resistance, and increased blood pressure.

Sleep disorders are one of the important risk factors for high blood pressure. If the sleep disorder is severe, resulting in a sudden increase in blood pressure, it will greatly increase the incidence of cardiovascular accidents.

From this point of view, hypertensive patients want to stabilize blood pressure, to ensure the quality of sleep at night is particularly critical. Here are a few tips for improving sleep, and I hope to help you.

First, obey your emotional state

At night, the human body will be easier to switch to sleep, and you can do whatever you want to make you mentally sleepy. It is also very important to sleep and get up on time every day.

Second, comfort your stomach

Eating too much or being too hungry before going to sleep can interfere with sleep. If you don’t eat at night and have nothing in your stomach, then the stomach acid will flow into the esophagus. Eating some carbohydrate-rich snacks can trigger the release of serotonin in the brain, which relaxes the body and mind and helps sleep.

Try whole wheat crackers or cereals, which are rich in amino acids that promote sleep.

Third, do not bring mobile phones, work to bed

When you are ready to sleep, your body should be relaxed, avoid working in bed, watching mobile TV, etc. It is best to leave your phone away from your pillow.

Fourth, stop caffeine at night

Excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to irregular sleep and hyperactivity at night. If the body’s metabolism slows down, caffeine stays in the human body for too long, and can only drink 2 cups of tea or coffee or cola in 6 hours before going to bed. If you can’t leave these drinks every day, it is recommended to quit the caffeinated drinks.

Five, Take a bath before going to bed.

A 1-2 hour period before going to sleep, taking a hot bath is equivalent to the tiredness of the day. If you wash your hair by shower, you must blow your hair to sleep. Otherwise, it is easy to get sick after wet hair, and there will be some inexplicable headaches and dizziness the next day.

But don’t take a shower before going to sleep, it will make people excited, but it is more likely to cause sleep disorders.

Six, tired, sleep, not hard support

If your body feels tired, it is very easy to get to sleep quickly. There will be an overall improvement in sleep quality.

Seven, do not obligatory sleep

If you can’t sleep in half an hour, then you don’t have to turn over and over in bed to force yourself to sleep. You can do some light things, soak the cup of warm milk, listen to some soothing music, and help people get to sleep quickly.

In normal life, you should develop a good sleep habit, and pay attention to maintaining a good mentality before sleep, pay more attention to rest, improve sleep quality, and prevent diseases such as high blood pressure, which is good for your health.