Insomnia is the “source of all diseases”. Add water every day to help you sleep and detox.

Insomnia is the “source of all diseases”. Irregular sleep habits can make the body endocrine disorders. This endocrine firmly controls the metabolism and hormone problems of all organs. Metabolic disorders hormone disorders, except for our most common acne In addition to dark circles, it will gradually change the skin texture and reduce the body’s detoxification ability.

Longan is rich in glucose, sucrose, vitamins and other substances, which can nourish nerves and brain tissues, thereby adjusting cerebral cortical function, improving insomnia, amnesia and so on. Use 4 to 6 pieces of longan water to brew before drinking and can effectively relieve insomnia.

Sour jujube kernels have a very obvious sedative effect, can effectively regulate the central nervous system, put the body into sleep, and effectively improve sleep time. Taking jujube kernel decoction is a good solution.

Buckwheat reduces blood pressure to help sleep. Buckwheat contains powerful antioxidants, which can lower blood lipids, enhance blood vessel elasticity, and prevent blood clotting. It is a good heart-care food. In addition, its effect on lowering blood pressure and helping sleep is also very good.

Kiwifruit is rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin C, which is helpful for the synthesis and transmission of nerve-conducting substances, especially calcium, which has the effect of stabilizing mood and inhibiting sympathetic nerves.

Almonds are not only rich in nutrients such as protein and vitamins, but also contain tryptophan and the medicine that relaxes muscles-magnesium. Eating regularly helps relieve anxiety and sleep. At the same time, almonds are also good for heart health and can help you “clean” the intestines.

Adhere to regular work and rest: It is best to develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early. Generally, this habit is also developed by yourself. Don’t go to bed too late at night and don’t get up too late in the morning. Regular sleep will lead to good sleep.