International rice research found suitable for diabetic hypoglycemia rice varieties

Many people think that the rice glycemic index is not low, so it is not suitable for diabetics or high-risk groups. However, new research shows that the blood sugar index of different varieties of rice also differs. Therefore, as long as those rice varieties with lower index are selected, these specific groups can still enjoy the fragrant rice without affecting health.

The glycemic index is used to calculate the ability of carbohydrates in foods to increase blood sugar, and blood sugar levels are closely related to diabetes. In the case of a base of 100, the index is 55 and below is a low glycemic index food, between 56 and 69 is a medium level, and 70 and above is a high glycemic index food.

The International Rice Research Institute, based in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, recently published research results showing that 235 rice varieties from around the world have a blood glucose index ranging from 48 to 92 with an average of 64. Most rice varieties have a glycemic index of moderate or moderate.

Researchers say some of these rice varieties are low glycemic index foods. For example, the rice variety “Swarna” widely grown in India. This means that people with diabetes or high-risk diabetes can maintain a healthy diet by choosing the right rice variety.