It turns out that these eight kinds are the current seasonal fruits!

Our table has been surrounded by anti-season vegetables and fruits! Although rich in fruits and vegetables can be eaten all year round, in terms of nutrition, seasonal and fresh food is the most nutritious food. Now is the most abundant season of fruit, what are the real seasonal fruits?

The development of agricultural technology has made food more and more accessible, and many consumers are not sure what is the real season fruit and vegetable. In fact, for the North, there is almost no seasonal fruit during the late winter and early spring. From May onwards, strawberries and alfalfa are on the market. In June, they began to eat cherries, bayberry, and apricots. In July and August, they enjoyed watermelon, lychee, and peach. And the season of melon, and most of the fruit is ripe in autumn. From September to December, the fruit is the most abundant, apple, pear, pomegranate, kiwi, dragon fruit, grapefruit, orange, winter jujube are listed in large quantities. These eight fruits are the most popular seasonal fruits we eat.

Autumn apples and oranges are the freshest, and the quality taste is also the best. But unfortunately, some people like to buy apples, oranges, etc. that are listed in advance, and are not interested in the fruit listed in the market. In 2013, there was a “dyeing navel orange” incident in Weinan. The fruit farmers began to ripen the fruit in September, dyed and waxed, and the normal mature navel orange will not be available until November. Therefore, do not rush to taste new fruit, navel orange is best to eat in November, the skin is orange and smooth, the flesh is full and elastic, and the fruit is blue-green.

From mid-July to late November, it is the picking period of dragon fruit. This fruit has a refreshing taste and is rich in dietary fiber, which is very helpful for relieving autumn dryness. Dongzao started to go on sale in October. The high-quality winter jujube is very refreshing to eat. Moreover, it has high vitamin C content and is rich in various micronutrients, which is beneficial to cardiovascular health.

Grapefruit is one of the best fruits in autumn and winter. There are many varieties on the market. There are fragrant pomelo, grapefruit, golden pomelo, honey pomelo, etc. In addition to grapefruit, the taste and nutritional value of other grapefruits are not much different. . Grapefruit contains an analog of limonin and flavonoids such as naringin. The bitterness will be more prominent, but it is beneficial to cardiovascular health and can be reasonably selected according to its own situation.