Japan: coffee plum, lemon, etc. can eliminate bad breath

According to Japanese reports, coffee plum, lemon, etc. can effectively eliminate bad breath. The report said that although bad breath is not a serious illness, it makes people afraid to communicate with people close together, which leads to inferiority and affects normal interpersonal and emotional communication. In addition to people who usually pay attention to not eating or eating less spicy food such as onion and garlic, the following methods can be used to relieve bad breath.

If you have the habit of drinking coffee, gargle or chew gum after drinking coffee can improve the bad breath. The formation of bad breath is actually caused by food residue left between the teeth and the tongue. Mouthwash can reduce food residue, and chewing gum can promote saliva secretion to inhibit bad breath.

Sour foods such as prunes and lemons all have the effect of relieving bad breath. In ancient times, there was an allusion to “Wangmei quenches thirst”, that is, acidic food can promote saliva secretion and play an important role in preventing bad breath.

Parsley and lettuce are also good choices. Parsley contains a component called terpene, a type of pine oil that slows down bad breath. Lettuce is rich in dietary fiber and contains a variety of ingredients that fight bad breath.

I ate food with spicy smell, such as onion and garlic. After a while, the smell dissipated automatically, so it was not the cause of bad breath. However, in daily life, it is necessary to pay more attention to eating more food against bad breath, so as not to bring unpleasant life.