Kiwi experts like to eat this way

When you mention kiwi, you will think of its tenderness, refreshing, and high content of vitamin C. However, it is a bit of a surprise to hear many experts regard kiwi as Breguet and list it as one of the most commonly eaten fruits. This issue focuses on kiwi to hear the experience of experts.

Eat the most nutritious

Fan Zhihong, Associate Professor, College of Food Science, China Agricultural University: I like to eat kiwi, just eat it. The timing of eating kiwi should be selected. It is best not to eat it on an empty stomach, because the protease activity in kiwi is very strong, and it is easy to stimulate the stomach. Eating kiwi after meals can help the digestion of the stomach, and eating kiwi between meals can give your body some energy.

One misunderstanding is that some people say that kiwis are cold and cold, and people with a cold stomach and spleen can’t eat them. In fact, I have this kind of constitution. I can eat one or two without discomfort, and I don’t want to be too greedy. Sometimes I also pat kiwi juice and starch on raw meat slices, so the meat tastes more tender and tender.

Make salads more refreshing

Wang Yumei, director of the Department of Nutrition, the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University: In many cold dishes of western food, kiwis are often sliced ​​and placed as a foil, not only because the color of the kiwi is very eye-catching, but also because it has a smooth taste. In fact, it is also suitable for salads.

I prefer kiwi and sashimi. The kiwi is pureed and poured on salted fish fillets, and it is decorated with greens, carrot slices or kiwi slices around it, which looks good and refreshing. This dish is not high in calories. It has both high-quality protein and rich vitamins. At the same time, kiwi puree has the effect of removing fishy fish, and it tastes better. Other amaranth can also be served.

Squeezed into juice for lip care

He Xiaoqin, Director and Deputy Chief Physician of the Nutrition Center of Taizhou Hospital in Zhejiang Province: In the dry season, lips are easy to crack and sometimes it is difficult to relieve even drinking water. In this case, I would recommend drinking homemade juice-cucumber kiwi juice.

Put 200 grams of cucumber (seedless and diced) and 30 grams of kiwi (peeled and diced) together in a juicer, add cold water (about 200 ml) and stir, and finally add two teaspoons of honey, drink one hour before eating under. Cucumber is sweet and cool, can clear heat and detoxify, and water. The kiwi fruit is cold and sour, relieves heat and thirst, and can be used to moisturize lips.

In addition, kiwi can also be used with other fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and grapefruit, to squeeze the juice together, which will help relieve constipation.