Lemonade mouthwash helps to quit smoking

Rinse with lemonade to achieve short-term cessation

A new study in the United States in the journal Psychological Science found that smoking a mouthwash with lemonade helps to quit smoking more smoothly.

The University of Georgia conducted a number of self-control task experiments on 51 students to understand whether lemon mouthwash can improve self-control while improving attention and energy.

The first task specifically tests self-control, and the participating students try to draw a lot of letters E on the page of the statistical textbook. The second task is the Stroop experiment.

The stimulating materials used in the experiment contradicted in color and meaning. For example, the word “red” written in blue color does not require the subject to read the word, but asks the subject to say the color of the word, ie ” blue”.

During the Stroop experiment, half of the students gargle with sugared lemonade and the other half gargle with lemonade with artificial sweeteners. The results showed that the former group of students responded more quickly to color.

Professor Leonard Martin, the head of the new research, said that researchers used to think that people drink sugar water to make the body produce energy and improve self-control.

The new study shows that glucose in sugared lemon water stimulates simple carbohydrate “receptors” on the tongue, which in turn sends out specific signals to the brain to warn the body to increase their concentration.

Professor Martin said that in the Stroop test, the participating students took an average of 3-5 minutes to complete the answer. This process is a test of self-control.

However, lemon-glucose mouthwash may not be sufficient to handle the self-control required for weight loss or smoking cessation. Whether lemon-glucose mouthwash has an effect on long-term self-control has not been known.

Therefore, people who intend to quit smoking are difficult to quit by relying solely on lemon water, but they help to quit smoking to a certain extent.

Which foods help to quit smoking

In terms of medicinal and dietary materials, quitters can appropriately add yam, white fungus, ginseng, maiden, ginseng, bird’s nest, cordyceps, ginkgo, gelatin, peanuts, lotus root and other herbs and ingredients in the diet, or stew with pear and lily.

Those who quit smoking can cook “black sugar tofu” by taking a piece of tofu, poke a few holes and add a tablespoon of brown sugar, steamed with a rice cooker for 30 minutes, and when you want to smoke, you will eat a few spoons. I don’t want to suck in the smell of smoke, but the amount of intake should be moderated to avoid eating too much heat.

In addition, people who want to quit smoking can eat a persimmon cake before the cigarette addiction. It can help to quit smoking in January. The person with particularly high smog needs to supplement the dried persimmon.

Excessive withdrawal syndrome makes people feel restless, irritated, and unable to concentrate. It is recommended that people who quit smoking do more dynamic exercises and dynamic exercises. For example, walking fast, jogging, turning around, etc. can help to remove turbidity, or do Doing your hand and doing it with perseverance, one hour a day for one to three weeks, most of the withdrawal symptoms can be improved.

Those who quit smoking should also find out ways to eliminate their cravings. For example, Buddhists can meditate on Buddha numbers, Christians can meditate on Bible sentences, or sing loudly, listen to music, stretch, take a deep breath, etc., or drink small water, fresh fruits and vegetables. Juice, or wear clean smoke-free clothes, wash the body, taste the mouth, completely remove the smell of smoke, or chew gum, use the nuts as a snack, turn the pen, bite the celery stem, carrot, cucumber to replace the mouth In the habit of smoking, you can get rid of smoke as soon as possible from everyday life.