Low-fat diet is good for heart health

A low-fat diet not only helps lower blood pressure, but also reduces the amount of amino acids in the body that can trigger heart disease. This is the result of a recent study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

These researchers discovered that vegetarians had a lower proportion of heart disease a few years ago and began to quantify the effects of low-fat diets on human health. They found that eating more fruits and vegetables, eating less meat and sugar not only helped lower blood pressure, but also reduced the amount of cystine in the body. Cystamine is an amino acid that is involved in the development of heart disease. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University refer to this low-fat diet as “antihypertensive food therapy.”

Studies have shown that changing unbalanced eating habits has many benefits. Given that most Americans do not insist on vegetarians, the researchers suggest that their diets are best based on vegetables and fruits, supplemented by meat and poultry. The specific findings are published in the recently published Journal of the American Heart Association, “Circulation.”