Milk jasmine removes stomach pain

Milk soaked in jasmine

Jasmine tastes sweet and warm, can help digestion and absorption of the stomach, relieve stomach pain, and has a good effect on diarrhea and abdominal pain. Therefore, jasmine is known as “stomach protection tea.” In addition, jasmine has a calming spirit that can make people feel emotionally comfortable and comfortable.

Method: If you feel stomach discomfort, you can soak the jasmine with hot milk to make jasmine milk tea, which has a good auxiliary treatment effect.

Tomato with beef, warm stomach and nourishment

Eating some beef can improve the body’s ability to resist disease, as well as blood-supplying effect; tomato is the food with the most lycopene, and has anti-cancer effect.

The method of tomato stewed beef is very simple, as follows: 1. Wash and cut the beef, soak in the clear water, remove the blood foam; 2. Put the appropriate amount of water in the pot to boil; 3. Put the aniseed, pepper, cinnamon , fragrant leaves and meat, pour into the pot, add onion, ginger, soy sauce, chicken, cooking wine; 4. Finally put the fried tomatoes, stewed, add a little salt when the pot.