Nutrition for coconut meat

Coconut meat contains many proteins and trace elements needed by the human body. Moreover, Chinese medicine believes that coconut meat is sweet and flat, and has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, and insecticidal effects; and coconut juice is sweet, warm and has functions such as Shengjin and Leeshui.

The knowledge of eating coconut

The most amazing thing about the coconut is its weird inner shell that resembles a human brain. The coconut shell (endocarp) has three recessed germination holes near the base, much like a beige human skull, or a funny monkey face.

These three holes are actually germination holes. When the seeds germinate, young leaves will protrude from one of the unclosed holes. The boss just tapped the hole, inserted the straw, and the customer immediately enjoyed the cool coconut juice.

Drinking coconut juice on the spot is fun: the owner of the fruit stand will pick up the big knife and split the thick shell. Viewed from the cross-section, the green part of the outer part of the husk is the thinnest and is the outer peel; inside is the fibrous middle peel, commonly known as coconut palm, which is the thickest. Peel off the middle and outer peels with force, and then expose the dry and hard inner peel with three holes.

Coconut meat contains nutrient-rich milky juice

After drinking the coconut juice, don’t throw away the coconut shell immediately, it’s a violent thing. As a senior customer, we should pass the lovely “smiley face” to the boss, and he would split the inner peel again, then take a piece from the outer peel, flatten one end diagonally, and use it as a “small spoon” to dig coconut -White endosperm affixed to the inner skin of the coconut shell. The endosperm layer (coconut meat) contains nutrient-rich milky juice, which is the coconut juice we drink. When you dig up the endosperm, you can also see a thin layer of dark seed coat on the back of the endosperm. The most important part of the seed, the embryo, grows low-key on the side opposite to the germination hole. The seed coat, endosperm, serum and embryo form the seeds of coconut. Therefore, coconut is one of the most special stone fruits, and we eat its seeds.

After drinking coconut juice and eating coconut meat, is it hard to use the remaining inner peel? The answer is, of course: no! The thick fibers of the mesocarp can be made into brushes, straw mats, carpets, cables, sacks, etc., while the cold and heat resistant coconut shell can be made into various utensils and crafts, or made of high quality that can effectively remove stains Activated carbon can also be made into special musical instruments. Dried coconut husk is the raw material for making coconut and banhu, and it is also a musical instrument for traditional Filipino dance.