One cup of soy milk a day, is it cancer or health?

One cup of soy milk a day, is it cancer or health?
Soymilk is a “national drink” that Chinese people have been drinking for thousands of years. In recent years, people have been talking about it more and more, and people are worried. In the end, what is true and false, we will say today.

Rumor 1: Can soy milk not be eaten with eggs? Can’t drink with milk?

Truth: You can eat together, but be sure to cook!

The reason for the widespread rumor is that soy milk contains trypsin inhibitor, which hinders the body’s digestion of protein and affects the nutrient absorption of eggs and milk.

However, in the process of boiling soy milk, 90% trypsin inhibitor in soybeans will be destroyed, losing the ability to inhibit protein digestion, and will not hinder the absorption of protein in eggs and milk. Therefore, soy milk mixed eggs and milk are No problem.

How do you cook the soy milk?

Incompletely soy milk contains lectins and trypsin inhibitors. When these ingredients are ingested too much, they may cause dizziness, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. When the soy milk is cooked to 80 °C, there will be foam floating and there will be a false boiling phenomenon, but it is not cooked at this time, and it should be continued for a few more minutes.

Rumor 2: Soymilk is more suitable for Chinese than milk?

Truth: There are various benefits in terms of nutrient content and calcium content. It is not arbitrarily saying which is better. It can only be said that everyone can choose as needed.

1, Nutrient content: Although the protein content of soy milk is not as good as milk, the saturated fat content is much lower than that of milk, which is better for cardiovascular health. And soy milk is rich in dietary fiber, and there is almost no milk.

2, calcium content: soy milk contains only 1/10 of the milk, and the body’s absorption rate of calcium in the two foods is not the same. The tyrosine and lactose contained in milk are important nutrients that promote the body’s absorption of calcium. This makes the absorption rate of calcium in milk more than 32%, while the absorption rate of calcium in soy milk is far. Not as good as milk.

Rumor 3: Drinking soy milk for sputum will also bloating diarrhea? Is lactose intolerant?

Truth: There are some carbohydrates in the soybean that we can’t digest.

Some people may experience bloating and diarrhea after drinking milk. This phenomenon is called “lactose intolerance.” Although there is no lactose in soy milk, but it contains more carbohydrates, only half of them can be used, and the remaining half is the culprit that makes you flatulent – cottonseed and stachyose.

These two kinds of carbohydrates can not be directly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, but some bacteria in the large intestine can decompose them to produce energy, in the process will produce some acid and gas, causing bloating, bowel and so on. So as long as it is not very serious bloating and diarrhea, don’t worry too much.

Rumors 4: Can’t drink soy milk on an empty stomach in the morning? Will the protein be wasted?

Truth: Healthy people can drink soy milk when they are, and drink on an empty stomach.

“Drinking soy milk on an empty stomach, protein will be forced into heat and consumed, very wasteful.” This view has no basis. Soymilk contains not only protein, but also carbohydrates and fats. These two substances are preferentially decomposed to provide the energy needed by the human body, and finally the protein is turned on, so there is no need to worry about the waste of protein.

For some people with stomach problems (such as gastritis), drinking soy milk on an empty stomach may cause irritation to the stomach. But for healthy people, you can drink a cup of soy milk at any time, but if you can drink soy milk on an empty stomach, it would be better if you can add some sugar (carbohydrate). They will be the bottom of the protein in the soy milk, which will not only help the supplement of nutrients. It can also enhance satiety.

Rumor 5: Women who drink soy milk for a long time are prone to breast cancer?

Truth: Shouting for soy isoflavones, it doesn’t cause breast cancer!

With regard to estrogen, many people are worried because excessive levels of estrogen may cause breast cancer and endometrial cancer. However, the isoflavones contained in soybeans are phytoestrogens and do not equal estrogen.

Studies have found that phytoestrogens play a two-way regulation of estrogen levels in women. When the level of estrogen in the human body is low, soy isoflavones can increase the level of estrogen in the body; when the level of estrogen in the body is high, soy isoflavones can lower the level of estrogen in the body. Therefore, soy isoflavones can play a role in regulating estrogen in the human body. It is really being smashed!

Rumor 6: Men can’t drink soy milk, will they become “sissy”?

Truth: Don’t tease, it’s not only harmless but also beneficial!

The isoflavones contained in soybeans are indeed phytoestrogens, but their vitality is very low, and it is impossible to affect male sexual characteristics and feminine men (breast development, not long beard, maiden). There is currently not enough research to prove that soybean milk kills sperm or affects male reproductive capacity. Epidemiological studies have found that drinking soy milk and soy products in a proper amount is conducive to preventing various diseases such as prostate cancer. In short, men can drink soy milk completely.

These three kinds of people are not suitable for drinking soy milk.

Infants (less than one year old) should be fed with formula that is close to breast milk. It is absolutely impossible to use soy milk instead of milk because the nutrients contained in the soy milk do not meet the child’s physical development needs.

Gout patient

After soy milk is made into soy milk, the content of alfalfa is much higher than other soy products, and gout patients need to control the total amount of alfalfa. It should be noted that while drinking soy milk, the meat intake is reduced accordingly, and daily control is controlled. The total amount of protein is the key.

Just after surgery

Because soy milk is a high-protein food, the body is weak after surgery, it is better to eat some good digestion, do not increase the burden on the stomach.

Uncooked soy milk contains lectins and trypsin inhibitors that prevent human digestion. The cooked soymilk, in which the protease inhibitor is inactivated, can fully absorb the nutrients of the soymilk and will not cause discomfort in the stomach.