One pistachio to control blood sugar every day

Eating pistachios may help improve blood sugar levels. According to the Indian Times reported on November 17, scholars from the National Diabetes, Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation of India found that eating a pistachio (about 40 grams) a day can alleviate the symptoms of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in patients with metabolic syndrome. The risk of disease.

The researchers selected nearly 500 pre-diabetes patients between the ages of 25 and 65 who were followed for two years. Half of the patients followed a severely restricted healthy diet with 45 minutes of moderate physical exercise and pistachio daily; the other half followed the same diet and exercise schedule but did not eat pistachios. After 6 months, both groups of patients had significant improvement in symptoms of diabetes, but the symptoms of this group of patients who consumed pistachio were more pronounced, with weight loss, reduced visceral fat content, and better insulin control. .

Researchers believe that nuts (especially pistachios) can reduce appetite, contain fats that are good for human health, and promote metabolism, which are key factors in controlling diabetes symptoms.