Patients with hyperlipidemia cannot eat meat?

People who often have hyperlipidemia are often seen in life. Many people know that the occurrence of hyperlipidemia is mainly caused by high cholesterol in the blood, and most people with high cholesterol are due to daily intake of high-fat and high-calorie food Therefore, many people think that they cannot eat meat after suffering from hyperlipidemia, and they also control themselves very much, but they do not know that patients with hyperlipidemia can eat these kinds of meat in normal times.

Can hyperlipidemia patients eat meat?
Hyperlipidemia is a chronic disease. Although its occurrence is related to the daily diet, there is no strict restriction after the occurrence that you ca n’t eat meat. Just pay attention to some foods with higher cholesterol and higher calories. If hyperlipidemia patients want to eat meat, they may wish to eat the following.

What kind of meat can hyperlipidemia patients eat on a daily basis?
First, white meat

White meat refers to meats such as fish and shrimp with relatively low fat content. These meats contain less fat than red meat such as pork and beef. Ingestion of these white meats does not easily affect blood lipids.

Peel the duck and chicken

You can also eat some chicken and duck meat appropriately, just know that you need to peel, chicken and duck meat contain less fat, and patients with high blood fat can eat it properly, but the layer of skin fat outside these meats is relatively high So eat these meats and peel them.

Third, lean meat

Patients with high blood lipids should try to choose some lean meat if they want to eat pork. The fat and cholesterol in lean meat are also relatively low, which will not affect the blood lipids after eating.

How should hyperlipidemic patients cook when eating meat?
First, simmer the meat

When eating meat, you can boil some meat in water. This will remove the fat from the meat, prevent excessive fat from entering the body, and make blood lipids fluctuate. Boiled meat not only removes fat, but also prevents some other flavoring. Product enters the body.

Stew the meat

Stewing the meat can avoid excessive fat intake, because the meat and water will be mixed together during the stewing process. After cooking, as long as the oil floating on the soup is removed, you can avoid excessive fat. Fat enters the body. In addition, you must know that if you are cooking chicken and duck, you also need to peel it when cooking. After all, the skin of these meats contains relatively high fat, and removing it during cooking can prevent the existence of excessive fat.

Warm reminder, for patients with high blood lipids, they must pay special attention to their diet in daily life. After all, most patients’ blood lipid instability and induced complications are inseparable from diet. Only extra attention must be paid to maintain a good life and schedule. Taking drugs can stabilize blood lipids and not cause harm easily.