Patients with stomach problems should drink less vinegar

The trend of drinking health vinegar originates from Europe and the United States and Japan. The nutrients contained in fruit vinegar can help with weight loss and beauty. However, drinking fruit vinegar to lose weight beauty must also adhere to a scientific attitude, Hong Kong nutritionists reminded that for patients with stomach disease, drinking fruit vinegar should be more careful.

For people with hyperacidity or gastric ulcer, the mucus barrier on the surface of the gastric mucosa is destroyed, and the gastric mucosa is eroded by digestive enzymes and gastric acid in the gastric juice for a long time. If you drink fruit vinegar at this time, it will not only corrode the gastrointestinal mucosa but also aggravate the ulcer disease. And vinegar itself is rich in organic acids, which can make the digestive organs secrete a large amount of digestive juice, so that the stomach acid increases, the ulcers increase, and it is easy to cause stomach pain and other discomfort.

If you can’t resist the delicious taste of fruit vinegar, pay attention to the following aspects when you drink: First, it is best not to exceed 20 ml of concentrated juice every day. The second is to try not to drink on an empty stomach, or not to drink it without boiling water. However, for patients with gastric acid deficiency such as atrophic gastritis, such patients have their own gastric gland’s own secretion ability, and drinking fruit vinegar helps to digest, which has certain benefits and can be eaten in small amounts and at intervals.