Peanut soymilk slamming fatty liver

Preventing the occurrence of fatty liver is a prerequisite for a healthy life. Therefore, men’s friends should drink less alcohol, eat less greasy or high-fat foods, and eat more foods rich in vitamins. In addition, you should take part in sports that you can do to avoid excessive weight gain.

Clinical practice has proved that peanut milk has a good effect of lowering blood fat and prolonging life, which is very suitable for popularization in the family. Need to explain: drinking peanut milk does not have to be limited to drinking time and frequency; secondly, drinking peanut milk to treat fatty liver, must stop drinking, do not overeating; third, fatty liver such as chronic liver damage, should be carried out at the same time Liver protection.

Preparation of peanut milk milk: Take 50 grams of soybeans, 25 grams of peanuts, soak for 2 hours after washing, use the soymilk machine to make the juice. When not drinking the same day, put the peanut milk juice in the refrigerator and save the juice the next morning. Pour into the pan and boil, served with bread. If you have a small stone mill at home, it is even better! It can not only grind things, but also strengthen the body and lose weight.