Pear white radish drives away winter cough

Pear and white radish

Recipe 1: One raw pear, 10 dried lychees, 3 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiensis, a little rock sugar.

How to use: Pear core and chopped, dried lychee shelled with nucleus, steam the medicine and eat while hot, once a day, 3 to 5 days can be cured. Indication: Cough due to cold

Recipe 2: 5 grams of tea, 100 grams of white radish.

How to make it: brew the tea with boiling water to make juice, slice the radish, cook in a pot, season with salt, pour the tea juice and eat. 2 times a day. Indication: Bronchitis, cough and sputum

Recipe three: 9 grams each of almonds, mulberry leaves, burdock seeds, and 5 grams each of lisianthus and mint leaves.

How to use: Shuijianbi 2 times a day. Indication: Wind-heat cough

Recipe 4: 25 grams of mulberry leaves, 15 grams each of almond and rock sugar.

How to use: 2 bowls of water, fry into 1 bowl, warm while warming, sweating will heal. Indication: Cough due to cold

Recipe five: one white radish and one pear, 30 grams of raw honey, 7 white peppers, and a little ephedra.

How to use: Put the medicine in a bowl and steam it. Take it. Indication: Cough due to cold

What are the cures for Zhizhi cough

1, Tremella tang

Take 100 grams of Tremella fuciformis, 200 grams of canned tangerine, and sugar. First remove the white fungus, add the right amount of water and cook thoroughly with gentle heat. When using high-fire stew, add sugar and water. When the texture of the white fungus is expected to be soft, add canned orange petals, cook a little, and serve as a snack. It has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing kidney, relieving cough and reducing phlegm.

Suitable for lung cough, dry cough and blood in sputum.

2, apple

Take 1 apple, 1 Sydney, 3 grams of peel, 30 grams of white sugar, and moderate starch. Peel and peel the apples and pears, cut into small pieces, wash and chop the rinds, put them into the pot together, add an appropriate amount, cook until rotten, add white sugar, and then thinly chop with wet starch and serve as a meal.

Has the effect of Buzhong Yiqi, clearing heat and reducing phlegm. Suitable for cough with phlegm.

3, lily lily ear soup

Scoop 15 grams of lily, 12 grams of white fungus, 15 grams of ginseng, and moderate sugar. Soak the white fungus in clean water, wash away impurities, and put it in the casserole with the washed lilies and Pseudostellariae. Add an appropriate amount of water, first boil it with martial arts, and then stew it with gentle fire until the white fungus is cooked. Season with sugar. 2 warm doses, 1 dose daily.

Has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing qi. Applicable to cough, lack of gas, dry mouth caused by insufficiency of lung, stomach and qi and yin.

4, honey egg soup

Scoop 35 grams of honey and 1 egg. First boil the honey with 300 liters of water, boil it, beat it into eggs, boil it until slightly boiled, take it, and take it on an empty stomach sooner or later. It has the effect of moistening lungs and relieving cough. Suitable for dry cough and chronic cough.

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5, Carrot and Red Date Soup

Scoop 120 grams of carrots and 40 grams of red dates. First wash the red dates, soak them for 2 hours, wash the carrots, put them into the casserole with the red dates, add water, and cook for about 1 hour. Take the red dates as the degree, take 1 dose daily and take 2 times in the morning and evening. It has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing qi, relieving qi and relieving cough.

Applicable to chronic cough caused by insufficient qi and yin, insufficiency of lung qi, dry mouth and sweat, mental fatigue and other symptoms.

6, lily egg soup

Take 60 grams of lilies and 2 eggs. Wash the lily first, put it into the pot with the washed eggs, add an appropriate amount, cook until the eggs are cooked, remove the egg shells, take 1 dose daily, drink soup, eat eggs and lily.

Has the effect of nourishing lungs and nutrition. Suitable for lung deficiency and long cough.

7, American Lily Duck Soup

Scoop 30 grams of North American Ginseng, 30 grams of Lily, and 150 grams of fat duck meat. Wash the North American Ginseng, Lily, and Duck Meat separately, add them to the pot together, and add an appropriate amount. First boil with wuhu, then stew with simmer until the duck is cooked and eat the duck. It has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, clearing heat and reducing phlegm.

Applicable to cough, expectoration, dry mouth and dry throat, tuberculosis cough caused by lung heat and yin deficiency.

8, Lily

Take 30 grams of fresh lily, 30 grams of fresh lotus root, 30 grams of fresh lotus root, moderate starch, sugar, and a little osmanthus. First, wash the fresh lotus root and cut into slices. Add the lily and lotus root into the pot and boil. Add the appropriate amount of starch when it is cooked and mix into the lotus root. Add a little sugar and osmanthus when eating.

Has the effect of nourishing yin, nourishing lungs, clearing heat and relieving cough. It is suitable for dry and hot lung injury, insufficient lung yin, and dry cough caused by heat deficiency and chest disturbance.