People with high blood lipids can drink more tea to lower blood fat?

Can people with high blood fat drink more tea?
Dr. Zhang faces such problems almost every day. Many of our friends have deep feelings and strong love for tea. We in China have a very long tea culture. At present, in the tea market, many tea friends or tea merchants can enumerate the benefits of drinking tea. So is there such a god? For example, in the question, can drinking tea really reduce blood lipids to normal?

If you are not feeling uncomfortable with tea, you can drink tea.
First of all, Zhang Dafu wants to express the point that if you don’t feel uncomfortable after drinking tea, or feel very comfortable, you can of course drink tea. Because drinking tea not only keeps our mood calm, it is helpful for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Drinking tea also allows us to maintain a certain amount of water intake and prevent excessive water loss from our body. Therefore, as long as there are no taboos, everyone can of course drink tea.

Can tea replace the blood lipid lowering drugs?
Although many people are talking about the effects of drinking tea, such as blood fat reduction, blood pressure lowering, anti-cancer and other functions, but there is indeed exaggeration, it may be commercial purposes or other. Of course, we do not deny that there have been similar studies at home and abroad. For example, some studies suggest that drinking tea for a long time has a certain auxiliary effect on lowering blood lipids. However, Dr. Zhang wants to emphasize with everyone that this is an auxiliary role. Please note that it is an aid. There is also no guide or specification recommending the use of tea to lower blood fat. In any case, it is not possible to stop the main hypolipidemic drugs, but only drink tea to reduce blood fat. This will not be able to achieve our blood lipids, and may even promote atherosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. Therefore, I hope that all of us can have an objective understanding of drinking tea.

Finally, Dr. Zhang clearly expressed his point of view. The lack of large-scale, multi-center research on drinking tea and blood lipids can not stop the lipid-lowering drugs and only rely on tea to reduce blood fat.