People with high uric acid often eat these 4 kinds of food, gout detour

When people have not yet overcome the health effects brought by Sangao, because of all kinds of bad habits, the fourth highest–“high uric acid” has come quietly to us.

Uric acid is a metabolic end product of sputum in the body. It is excreted by the kidneys. However, when the kidneys are abnormally metabolized, too much uric acid is deposited in the body, which may cause dangerous complications such as gout and gouty heart disease, threatening us. Good health.

The increase in exogenous sputum is mainly due to people’s daily dietary intake, which leads to an increase in uric acid in the body. Therefore, in order to control the uric acid content, the first thing is to eat less sorghum food, eat more food that may help us lower uric acid, so that gout can not find the door!

The body is high in uric acid, and 3 kinds of foods are eaten as little as possible!

1, Seafood. Most seafood is rich in adenine. If a large amount of seafood is eaten at one time, it is likely that uric acid will rise sharply in a short period of time, affecting health.

2, Wine. Drinking more alcohol may also increase the body’s uric acid content, because alcohol may cause lactic acid deposition in the body, inhibiting the discharge of uric acid, especially when many people like to stay up late, with a beer, when eating Very cool, but this will exacerbate the increase in uric acid and give the gout a chance to take advantage of it.

3, Animal internal organs. People with high uric acid such as pig liver and pork belly should eat as little as possible, because most of the animal’s internal organs are rich in adenine, which is one of the important reasons for the increase of uric acid.

High uric acid, eat more than 4 kinds of food, drain uric acid, stay away from gout!

1, Boiled water

Drinking plenty of water is the most cost-effective and best way to help urinate. Because drinking more water may promote kidney metabolism and promote urination, and excess uric acid in the body is mainly excreted in the form of urine. People with high uric acid may wish to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach after getting up early every day, guaranteeing more than eight glasses of water a day, speeding up the discharge of uric acid and keeping away from annoying complications.

2, Celery

The large amount of potassium contained in celery can prevent the deposition of uric acid, and has a good diuretic swelling effect, which can allow excess uric acid in the body to be excreted with urine. At the same time, celery is a kind of crude dietary fiber food. It is often eaten a little. It also helps to enhance intestinal motility, allowing the body’s toxins to be excreted faster and relieve the burden on the body.

3, Cucumber

Cucumber is a common dish on our table. Whether it is raw or fried, it is very nutritious. Cucumber is a kind of benign vegetable, rich in water, has a good heat and diuretic effect, people with high uric acid often eat a little, promote the body’s uric acid excreted with urine. Cucumber also contains active cucumber enzymes, which promotes the body’s metabolism, accelerates excretion, helps to discharge the accumulated toxins in the body, and inhibits the precipitation of melanin in the skin. This is why cucumber is loved by so many female friends and will make it. The reason for the mask.

4, Tomatoes

Don’t look at a small tomato, which contains a lot of nutrients, rich in vitamins and fruit acids. A lot of potassium and alkaline minerals may promote the discharge of sodium in the body. It has a good swelling and diuresis. The role, and tomatoes are also rich in organic acids, may promote the secretion of gastric juice, adjust the gastrointestinal function, promote digestion, laxative.