Pollen allergy should drink more yogurt

It is a pleasure to see flowers, but it is a torment for people who are allergic to pollen. In addition to being away from allergens, these people should also make some adjustments in their diet.

It is recommended that these people’s staple foods should be thick and thin, increase the intake of B vitamins, and relieve allergy symptoms. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C to help prevent pollen allergies. In addition, drinking yogurt every day can help alleviate pollen allergy. The study found that people who did not eat lactic acid bacteria were more severe in the runny nose and blocked nose during the pollen.

Need to be reminded that people with allergies should eat less pepper, because the capsaicin will cause blood vessels to dilate, the skin is red, and the symptoms of pollen allergy are aggravated. At the same time, don’t rely too much on processed foods, because processed foods mostly use additives, which can easily induce allergies or aggravate allergies.