Pregnant women eat fruit and actually eat diabetes?

Some media reported that a 40-year-old woman from Wuhan was pregnant with a second child. I heard that eating more fruits is good for the baby’s skin. Therefore, a large amount of fruit is eaten every day, resulting in gestational diabetes complicated with ketosis. Eating fruit during pregnancy is almost the consensus of every pregnant mother, but eating too much fruit during pregnancy will increase the chances of pregnancy and obesity and diabetes in pregnant mothers. What can I do?

Older women are prone to gestational diabetes

Professor Li Yingtao, the chief physician of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said in an interview that there are several types of pregnant women who are prone to gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Older women over 35 years old, overweight or too obese before pregnancy, have abnormal glucose tolerance. History and polycystic ovary syndrome; family history of diabetes; unexplained stillbirth, stillbirth, abortion history, history of childbirth, fetal malformation, and polyhydramnios. Therefore, it is recommended that these pregnant women should pay close attention to blood sugar changes during pregnancy. If there is abnormality, intervention must be carried out. For example, after diet control and moderate exercise, blood glucose still fails to meet the standard, or hunger ketosis occurs after diet control, and caloric blood sugar is increased. It is necessary to start insulin therapy as soon as possible and continue until delivery.

How do people with gestational diabetes mellitus eat fruit during pregnancy?

How should pregnant women with gestational diabetes choose fruit during pregnancy? Professor Li Yingtao said that it is necessary to grasp the good timing and quantity of eating fruits, calculate the calories of fruits in the total daily heat energy, and subtract the corresponding amount of carbohydrates when choosing. It is best to eat fruits between meals. Not only is the blood sugar too high, but also prevents the occurrence of hypoglycemia. The amount of sugar in apples, novelty, carambola, grapefruit, kiwi and other fruits is relatively low, while cooked bananas, red dates, lychees, persimmons, etc. have higher sugar content. Find your own suitable fruit through blood glucose testing.

Treatment of gestational diabetes is not timely and has a long-term impact

Li Yingtao stressed that if high blood sugar during pregnancy is detected or not treated, it will cause serious complications of maternal fetus, and even lead to the development of type 2 diabetes after maternal production. For the fetus, it even affects the child’s language function, social ability and eye movement function. Therefore, people with gestational diabetes mellitus should pay attention to blood glucose monitoring during pregnancy. In the case of eating fruits, it is still necessary to proceed from the actual situation, and we must blindly follow the trend.