Pregnant women eat more vegetables to prevent children from eclipse

Many children do not like to eat green vegetables to make their mothers have a headache. Recently, a new study shows that if pregnant women eat more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy, they can prevent children from partial eclipse.

Researchers say that parents’ efforts to get their children to eat fruits and vegetables can begin before the child is born. Diet-rich pregnant women are less likely to give birth to a partial eclipse.

In this study, researchers at the Monell Center in Philadelphia, USA, studied 46 mothers and their babies between the ages of 6 months and 1 year and tested their love for carrot-flavored cereals. degree.

Test results show that mothers who drink carrot juice several times a week, their children will consume more than 80 grams of cereal, while other infants only take 44 grams. If the mother often drinks carrot juice, then the child can eat carrot-flavored cereal twice as much during the weaning period.

The study clearly shows that if mothers consume large amounts of fruit during lactation and pregnancy, their children are more likely to eat fruit when weaning, as well as vegetables.

The study also found that when children who feed milk powder start to eat solid foods, they are given fruits and vegetables, and they can accept them quickly.