Prevent osteoporosis and eat more oranges

Eat more citrus can actually prevent osteoporosis? According to the Japanese Asahi Shimbun, the latest research by the Fruit Tree Research Institute, Sugiura, proves this. The study found that the yellow pigment cryptoxanthin in citrus can increase bone mass and inhibit bone loss. The research results were published in the American scientific journal PLoS ONE on the 20th.

After menopause, women are prone to osteoporosis due to changes in hormone secretion. However, when women surveyed women in the Machida area of Hamamatsu City, one of the places where the mandarin oranges were produced in Sugiura, they found that women who often eat citrus suffer. The proportion of upper osteoporosis is relatively small.

Sugiura further investigated 212 women with amenorrhea in the area, focusing on the relationship between the concentration of cryptoxanthin in the blood and osteoporosis, and found that women who ate 4 oranges a day than those who did not eat oranges The risk of osteoporosis in women is 92% lower. It is said that the study on the prevention of osteoporosis in pigments contained in fruits is the first in the world.