Probiotic lactic acid bacteria help relieve eczema in children

Finnish researchers report in the American medical journal Allergic Disease that they found that the incorporation of a probiotic lactic acid into the food of children with eczema helps to alleviate allergic symptoms.

Researchers at the University of Helsinki used GG lactic acid bacteria (abbreviated as LGG). This is a commonly used probiotic that enhances the health of the host and benefits the physiology and is not a pathogenic microorganism.

In the study, the researchers divided 230 eczema children suspected of being allergic to milk into three groups: one group of foods with LGG capsules and the other group with LGG and three other probiotics, group III. Placebo was added to the food. These children took the above food continuously for 4 weeks.

The overall analysis found that these children had a 65% reduction in eczema symptoms during the study period, but no differences were found between the different groups. However, the researchers further analyzed the condition of allergic children with specific antibodies in the body and found that the symptoms of eczema in children in the LGG capsule group were much less than those in the placebo group, but not in the mixed probiotic group.

The researchers concluded that modifying the natural bacterial environment in the gut by supplementing probiotics is a new treatment for allergies. Studies have shown that this may be of great help to children with food allergies.