Red meat eats less, it is easy to suffer from fatigue

In intense work and life, most people regard fatigue as a normal physiological response. Can you know? This has something to do with diet. Recently, the US “Huffington Post” article, Jennifer Saček, associate professor of nutrition at Tufts University in the United States, pointed out that if the body is iron-deficient, especially women, even if the diet is healthy, it will feel tired.

Iron is the main component of hemoglobin, involved in the transport of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the body. Once the body is deficient in iron, symptoms such as mental discomfort and exhaustion will appear. The iron in the diet is mainly divided into two categories, one is from meat and internal organs, and the absorption and utilization rate of heme iron is high. In general, the redder the color of the meat, the more hemoglobin it contains. In contrast, iron in foods such as spinach and cowpea is non-heme iron, and its absorption and utilization rate in the human body is generally low. In addition, although dairy products are nutritious, their iron content is very low. If there is no red meat in the diet, but mainly vegetables and fruits, such a diet cannot supply enough iron, which can easily bring fatigue to the body. For women, especially attention should be paid to iron supplementation because some iron is lost during menstruation. In addition, eating habits such as coffee or tea addiction will accelerate the loss of iron, and such people should also pay attention to iron supplementation.

Dr. Meridian Lena, a sports nutritionist in Dallas, USA, recommends that iron should be the first choice because it is not only rich in content, but also easily absorbed by the body. Vegetarians eat non-heme iron foods such as kidney beans and spinach, but also eat some vitamin C-rich ingredients, such as oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, etc., to help the body better absorb non-heme iron.