Rich people make tea and porridge with Cordyceps?

Before the Spring Festival, the wholesale price of Cordyceps sinensis in the Lhasa market in Tibet has exceeded 200,000 yuan per kilogram. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places, the retail price of Cordyceps is even calculated in grams, and the price is high. The grams are over 700 yuan. Why does the price of Cordyceps exceed gold? What kind of invisible interest chain does the price of Cordyceps have in the past years?

“The rich people make tea and porridge with Cordyceps”

Cordyceps grows in alpine meadows. The domestic Cordyceps market is mainly concentrated in cities such as Xining, Chengdu, Lhasa and Guangzhou. Among them, the Cordyceps market in Xining City, Qinghai Province radiates Qinghai Yushu, Guoluo, Tibet Naqu and other places, facing the main Cordyceps production on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. District is an important distribution center for Cordyceps in China. Recently, the China Youth Daily reporter went deep into the market of the Cordyceps market in Xining City, trying to understand the interest chain behind the price of Cordyceps.

Zhang Zhongliang, general manager of Qinghai Yufeng Trading Co., Ltd. told reporters that the Chinese community in the southeast coast and Southeast Asia is the main group of edible cordyceps. Every year, Zhang Zhongliang purchases Cordyceps from the source of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the Silkworm Market in Xining, and then wholesales it to merchants in southern and Southeast Asia.

Zhang Zhongliang has been engaged in the sale of Cordyceps for more than ten years. In recent years, he has clearly felt that the demand for Cordyceps is expanding. Not only are there more and more people who eat Cordyceps, but some rich people use Cordyceps for tea and porridge. In the south, people who eat Cordyceps or Cordyceps are already common.

In the view of some businessmen engaged in the sale of Cordyceps, it may be that Cordyceps is constantly promoting its market price as a property of high-end gifts. After the bloody falconry incident in 2011, the bird’s nest market suffered a crisis, which promoted the sales of similarly positioned Cordyceps to some extent.

Middlemen get the most profit

In the Xining market, Wang Haixi and Zhang Zhongliang acquired about 1,500 pieces of the highest-grade Cordyceps, and they have large body and good appearance. They sold the Cordyceps to secondary dealers in the southeast coast and Beijing and other places at a price of 270,000-280,000 yuan per kilogram. The secondary dealers reprocessed and packaged them, and put them on the market with high-grade health care products. Sold 600,000 yuan – 700,000 yuan.

“Removing processing, packaging and related taxes of 20%-30%, the profit of secondary dealers can reach 40%-50%.” The whole batch is supplied to the big bosses of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fujian, Zhejiang and Beijing. Wang Haixi knows the profits of the Cordyceps industry.

As for how the secondary dealers reprocess and package, Wang Haixi told reporters that the Cordyceps market in Xining market mainly purchased the original Cordyceps from the production area, and bidding on the basis of the size and the product, due to the large amount, the Cordyceps The quality can be traded only for a rough estimate; while the secondary dealers get the goods from the Xining market, they go back and classify the Cordyceps in the Xining market according to the size, grams and appearance of each root. After being packaged, it is directly put on the market and is aimed at consumer retail.

Under normal circumstances, the purchaser of Cordyceps origin will ship the purchased Cordyceps to Xining and resell it to the first-tier distributor in Xining market, or it is the origin purchaser and the first-level distributor. The first-level dealers will transfer them to the downstream link. The wholesale price will increase by more than several thousand yuan per kilogram than the purchase price of the place of origin. At the sales shops in major coastal cities, the price of Cordyceps can reach several times the purchase price of the place of origin.

“Some of the gifted Cordyceps is not eaten, but is recycled again, once again into the Cordyceps transaction process.” Zhang Zhongliang said that every year there will be a considerable amount of cashew as a gift in the market after several transactions, these Cordyceps are like precious metals The same can be said to be a value carrier.

According to Wang Haixi, at the end of last year, the price of Cordyceps was at a stalemate stage, and a southern boss holding hundreds of millions of funds came to Xining and Chengdu to receive the goods. In the market, the inventory of hawkers was completely wiped out. In the end, the boss sold all the goods after a period of time, and earned a net profit of 100 million yuan.

It is understood that in addition to a sharp fall in the price of Cordyceps in 2008, the price of Cordyceps has been on the rise for more than a decade. Looking at the good market of Cordyceps for many years, “more than not to lose”, more and more people also regard the Cordyceps as a good A good investment that preserves and increases value.

“There are people who have pressed a few pounds, and there are also people who have pressed a few tons. In addition, the recent real estate market is sluggish, and it is not ruled out that more people will invest money in Cordyceps.” Zhang Zhongliang said that in the area where Cordyceps sinensis produces Cordyceps, At the time of Cordyceps, a considerable number of working-class people bought a few pounds of Cordyceps with their spare cash, and went to the market to raise prices and sell them.

“This is a routine in Cordyceps trading. There are also a lot of stocks this year.” Wang Haixi believes that the production of Cordyceps has been reduced this year. If there is a large amount of cargo, the current price increase of Cordyceps is normal.

“The insects and herbs have different opinions, but the current demand for health care products is strong. The production of Cordyceps is not much, and there is a lot of room for speculation.” An industry insider believes.