Scientists propose the best way to control sugar

From June 7th to 11th, US local time, the 79th Annual Diabetes Annual Meeting organized by the ADA (American Diabetes Association) was held in San Francisco, USA. The conference is the top conference in the field of diabetes, attracting tens of thousands of scientists from all over the world every year. Scholars and doctors come here to exchange progress in diabetes research and treatment. At this year’s conference, the discussion of the best eating time and eating methods of sugar friends received great attention from the participants. Let’s follow the footsteps of scientists and open the right way to eat sugar friends!
Intermittent fasting helps sugar control
In this meeting, Courtney Peterson, an expert from the University of Alabama in the United States, described “the impact of time biology on weight, metabolism, and glycemic control.” To put it bluntly, it is the best question to discuss when the sugar friend will eat.
Peterson proposed the concept of Time-Restrict Feeding (TRF), which she believes is more suitable for sugar friends. TRF is not the same as other fastings such as two days a week. It means keeping food for a certain period of time (usually more than 12 hours). For example, eating before 6 o’clock in the evening, eating after 6 o’clock in the morning, it is done 12 TRF above the hour. Of course, the premise is that you will not be able to add meals or snacks after dinner. TRF seems to be easier to adhere to than the more popular fasting methods such as “Pu Gu”.
Peterson’s study limited the experimental group’s feeding time to 8 hours (ie, 16 hours a day in fasting), and the control group was ready to eat. The results showed that after 20 weeks, the mice fed the high-fat diet group, TRF, weighed about 30 grams, and were close to the mice eating normal food, while the high-fat diet mice without TRF had a body weight of 50 grams. In addition, in the glucose tolerance test, cholesterol, liver steatosis and tumor necrosis factor and other indicators, whether TRF has been performed, the results are significantly different.
The above animal experiments show that intermittent fasting can make more weight loss, better blood sugar control, lower oxidative stress level and longer life.
Peterson reminded that several studies have found that eating at a time when it should not be eaten, especially when it is close to sleeping time or eating at the time of sleep, eating the same amount of calories is easier than eating at an earlier time. Can increase fat. In other words, eating too late for dinner or eating supper, especially to make people gain weight, so advise everyone not to eat at the wrong time. The general effect of TRF is better, because TRF basically stipulates the eating time more strictly. At present, there are a total of 9 TRF studies conducted on humans. The nine directions pointed out by the nine studies are that “the time to eat food is compressed in the early hours of the day”.
Why is it too late to eat too late? Because our body follows the natural circadian rhythm. This rhythm system is controlled by two aspects, one is the internal factors of the body, such as hormone regulation, and the other is external, such as receiving sunlight, eating, sleep-wake rhythm and physical exercise. The two sides must coordinate with each other and the rhythm system can function normally. Once it is not possible to coordinate, such as external factors, eating time is wrong, it will lead to metabolic disorders.
Pittson believes that it is best to eat dinner before 3 pm, but many people may not be able to do it, so she looked for another alternative – eat a big meal for breakfast, reduce food for dinner and eat early. She believes that the ratio of food in the morning, evening and evening should be 50%, 30%, 20%. The benefits of doing so are very high, because people who eat much in the morning have much lower hunger and weight loss. At the same time, in patients with type 2 diabetes, the level of glycemic control in patients who ate large meals in the morning was significantly better.
 When should breakfast be eaten? First of all, people should get up at normal times, don’t stay in bed, and receive sunlight in the morning to help coordinate the circadian rhythm. It is generally appropriate to eat within 1 to 2 hours after getting up. It is totally unworkable to achieve fasting by not eating breakfast. Related studies have shown that doing so will increase blood glucose levels throughout the day, regardless of type 2 diabetes.
Eat in order, eat carbohydrates
Alpana Sukara, an associate professor from Weill Cornell Medical College in the United States, told everyone that the order should be referenced when eating, that is, eating protein (animal protein is better than plant protein) and vegetables after eating, after eating these two Eat carbohydrates again.
Sukara designed and completed relevant clinical trials. She divided the diabetic patients into three groups: the first group first eats the staple food and then eats the protein and vegetables; the second group eats the protein and vegetables before eating the staple food; the third group is mixed and eaten. The results were shocking: only the post-prandial blood glucose level of the last carbohydrate group (the second group) was reduced, mainly reflected in the half-hour to 1.5-hour reduction after the meal. It is easier for ordinary people to mix staple foods and protein and vegetables. The results of this study prove that the results of this habit are not much different from those of eating carbohydrates, and will still significantly increase postprandial blood glucose.
“What to eat” is still the core factor affecting blood sugar
The experts at the meeting finally stated: For sugar friends, what time to eat, in what order, is important. But what to eat is a core factor of greater influence. For example, the mice tested on the high-fat diet mentioned above, although TRF affects the health of mice with the same diet, it is more critical for mice to adopt a high-fat diet or a normal diet. In other words, if the sugar friends eat potato chips and drink sugary drinks, TRF can not be saved.