Small tomatoes are genetically modified foods that can’t be eaten?

Have you found a rule? Many people like small things. Kittens, puppies, and little pandas, everyone sees their eyes and loves them. For animals, they are very cute when they are young. Everyone else feels like this.

For food, many people also love “small people.” A stuffy little cabbage, as small as a mini corn, and a small tomato we often eat on the market.

Speaking of small tomatoes, it is not reminiscent of some people on the Internet who think of small tomatoes. They think that small tomatoes are not GM foods. Then, whether the small tomato is a genetically modified food, can you eat it? Let us know about it today.

Small tomatoes are genetically modified foods? no, it is not

Many people think that small tomatoes are genetically modified foods, but they are not. Small tomatoes are actually cherry tomatoes, also known as the holy fruit.

Small tomatoes and ordinary tomatoes are not a variety. Small tomatoes can be said to be one of the most primitive tomato varieties. Since a long time ago, small ones are also caused by natural genes, and there is no problem of transgenic.

The large tomatoes we eat now are cultivated and crossed by our predecessors.

There is another problem. Even if it is a genetically modified food, as long as it is safe to pass the safety assessment and obtain a safety certificate, you can safely eat it. All GM foods undergo a rigorous safety assessment and approval before they enter the market.

Since the small tomato was originally a small one, everyone can safely eat it. However, compared with big tomatoes, which is better?

Small tomato vs big tomato, each has its own

When everyone is still discussing whether tomatoes are vegetables or fruits, some people are thinking about something more “deep”, which is better for small tomatoes and big tomatoes. In fact, small tomatoes and big tomatoes have more advantages.

1 trace elements

Small tomatoes contain a lot of trace elements, which is better than big tomatoes. Taking folic acid as an example, the content of folic acid in small tomato (virgo fruit) is more than 10 times higher than that of large tomato, while the content of vitamin C and vitamin E in small tomato (virgo fruit) is about 2 times higher than that of large tomato.

2 heat

Because the small tomato (Holy Fruit) has a high sugar content, which is about twice that of a large tomato, it is sweeter and has a higher calorie. People who are losing weight are more suitable for eating small tomatoes (cherry fruit).

Seeing this, everyone should know that small tomatoes can be eaten and will not have a bad influence on the body. However, eat a small amount of tomatoes, do not eat yourself, do not eat immature small tomatoes.