“Sprout” food is also nutritious

In life, some food sprouts often occur. These are because you may buy too much or forget to eat, and they will sprout after a long time. Throw it as soon as you see the sprout. Because the health and wellness of the diet are the most important issues for people now. In fact, there are still several foods that are still very nutritious after they germinate. You don’t have to throw it away. what is it? Let’s take a look together.


Ginger is a must-have when cooking. Especially when making some saucy foods, ginger will be added, it can not only go saucy, but also cover up some taste. Will make the dishes more delicious. Many people find that ginger has a small bud, and immediately throw it away. In fact, ginger germination will reduce its nutritional value, but its main ingredients will not change. Still eatable and nutritious. Ginger is not only used as a condiment, it can also be boiled with water to make feet. Ginger can remove cold and moisture from the body. Promote blood circulation in the body. It can also relieve a day’s fatigue. These are very helpful to the body.


Onion is a kind of food with a rich variety of nutrients. When the onion sprouts, many people think that it is not edible, and you must throw it away. It is poisonous when eaten, and is very harmful to the body. In fact, when the onion grows to a certain extent, that is, if it is left for a long time, it will germinate because part of the onion’s nutrients are transferred to its top, so a piece will germinate. Not only are germinated onions free of toxins or harmful to the body. And nutritional value will be much higher than before.


There are many people who don’t like the taste of garlic, but there are also many people who are full of dissatisfaction with garlic. Everyone knows that garlic has a bactericidal effect. Many people joked when eating garlic, “Recently, we need to kill bacteria and eat more garlic.” When the garlic sprouts, it is immediately thrown away. In fact, everyone does not know that when garlic is germinated, it can have a good effect of sterilization and detoxification. It can also resist oxidation. This is a great help to your health.

sweet potato

As soon as autumn and winter, sweet potatoes begin to appear in a large number of evils, especially in winter, roasted sweet potatoes will appear, or buy sweet potatoes to go home to make porridge. There will also be many people planting sweet potatoes in the land behind the front and back of their homes in preparation for sweet potato porridge, fried sweet potato balls and some other food. When the sweet potatoes started to germinate, they started throwing them into the trash. In fact, it is still edible to remove the buds on the surface of sweet potatoes. It may be that after germination, some sweet potatoes are not as high in nutrition as before, but they are lost, and the taste is still as good as before.

Not all food can be eaten when it sprouts. It should be noted that physical health is the most important. Pay attention to the safety of your diet.