Tea knowledge

As everyone knows, tea can refresh. When you are tired, drinking a cup of tea often cheers up. This is because the tea and tea tannin contained in the tea can excite the central nervous system, promote the body’s metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, and thus eliminate physical fatigue.

Drinking tea can lose weight, lose weight and moisturize the skin. Caffeine, folic acid, inositol and other substances in tea can enhance the secretion of gastric juice, regulate fat metabolism, lower blood lipids and cholesterol.

Tea drinking can prevent tooth decay and dental caries. In normal life, especially children, the food waste that is left in the mouth is fermented, causing acid substances to erode the enamel, causing the teeth to form voids and cavities. Fluorine in tea, fluorine can combine with calcium in the teeth to form a “fluorapatite” which is hardly soluble in acid. This is equivalent to adding a protective layer to the teeth to protect the teeth and prevent tooth decay.