Teach you to choose Chinese medicine tea health correctly

Singaporean scientists have studied tea drinking habits of more than 2,500 people over the age of 55, assessing their health status, attention span, language skills and spatial visual acuity, while monitoring their tea consumption. The results of the study showed that 2/3 tea drinkers had comparable memory test scores in two years. In contrast, 35% of people who do not drink tea, the average test score dropped by two points after two years, which means cognitive decline.

Many people are happy to make tea with Chinese medicine to cure or maintain health. Take a little or a few flavors of Chinese medicine, put it in the cup, add boiling water, cover it, soak it for a few minutes, you can drink it like usual tea. This kind of Chinese medicine called “daily tea” is indeed better than boiling Chinese medicine. More convenient. However, traditional Chinese medicine tea has learned, but I don’t know.

Traditional Chinese medicine tea needs to choose the right variety

Due to the variety of Chinese medicines, the wide range of sources, and the different textures and tastes, some Chinese medicines can make tea, while others cannot. Commonly used in tea, such as ginseng, American ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, Eucommia, longan, medlar, tangerine peel, senna, rhubarb, cassia, lotus seed, ginger, fat sea, mint, ebony, hawthorn, perilla , Luo Han Guo, green fruit (olive), Yin Chen, Lysimachia, fresh Peilan, fresh musk, watermelon rind, Rhizoma Imperatae, peach blossom, honeysuckle, silk flower and so on.

Such traditional Chinese medicines for making tea are mostly light, light, sweet and light, with leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and fresh medicines, and some traditional Chinese medicines such as turtle shells and chlorosis, which are hard, bitter, toxic and irritating. Aconite, Xinyi, etc. can not be used for tea. In principle, the brewing tea should be selected after the standardized processing of the pieces, and some even cut into thin pieces, and the fruit-like Chinese medicines such as Luo Han Guo and Qing Guo should break the tea.

Chinese medicine tea must also be dialectical

Like decoction, traditional Chinese medicine tea should also be used according to the performance of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with its own physical constitution, disease syndrome, climate, seasonality, etc., in order to achieve the desired results, and never be credible. Such as fat sea cold, can clear lung heat, sharp throat, clear bowel laxative, sore throat, dumbness, constipation caused by wind and heat enchantment, and sore throat caused by incomplete vocal cord closure or excessive alcohol and tobacco Deafness is invalid.

Another example is honeysuckle, which is a well-known antipyretic drug. It is suitable for people who are exposed to summer heat, but it can not be used by people with spleen and stomach deficiency. Abuse can cause diarrhea. In addition, some medicines can cause allergies, some medicines may cause births, and special groups cannot be used indiscriminately. For this reason, you should follow the doctor’s instructions before choosing a medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine tea should grasp the taste, dosage and service. Generally speaking, the best choice of Chinese herbal medicine is best. It can be used according to the needs of treatment or illness, but the choice of medicine is up to 4~5 flavors. Tea meaning.

The amount of Chinese herbal medicine used varies depending on the medicine and the use. Generally speaking, the amount of fresh medicine should be large, and the dry product should be small; the amount of health care should be small, and the amount of treatment should be large. For example, dried tangerine peel, fresh products can be used to 12~20 grams, dry skin 6~10 grams can be used; Rhizoma Imperatae as a fire-clearing health medicine, 10 grams each time, and the bleeding syndrome caused by blood heat treatment needs 30~50 grams. In addition, drinking medicated tea, more advocates warm clothes, frequent drinks, not a regular, one dose a day. Special circumstances can be flexible.

In addition, the time for Chinese herbal tea to be used should also be noted. Generally, it depends on the texture of the drug. It usually takes 3 to 5 minutes, but it must be soaked in boiling water or boiling water.