The “bane” of hypertension is it, not salt but these 3 things

In recent years, the material living standard has improved significantly, and the meals on our table have become more and more abundant, but the advantages and disadvantages always appear together. While the taste buds are satisfied, these foods may also bring us a series of diseases Like hypertension, which often occurs, it poses a great threat to body organs, especially middle-aged and elderly people.

Many people think that high blood pressure is caused by eating too much salt. In fact, the root cause of high blood pressure is sodium chloride in salt. This substance is not only present in salt, but many foods hide a lot of sodium chloride. The “bane” of hypertension is it, not salt, but these three things. Learn to avoid taboos more than antihypertensive drugs.

1.High-fat foods

The content of sodium chloride in high-fat foods is not low, and it is also one of the “culprits” that may lead to high blood pressure. Therefore, we usually control the amount of oil when we cook. Threats to vascular health. In addition to the lard and peanut oil commonly used for cooking at home, we should also be alert to the underground oils in restaurants. These oils are produced irregularly. We do n’t know what ingredients are in it. For health, it is best to cook at home , Especially for “office workers”, take away less!

2, Noodles

The northerners like to eat noodles, while the southerners prefer to eat rice. When they do n’t want to cook, many people cook noodles, which is convenient and can fill their stomachs. When we cook noodles, we want to make the noodles more In the taste, a little salt will be added in it, which will make the noodles more resistant to cooking, so if you eat more noodles, you may also consume too much sodium chloride, which is why northerners have higher blood pressure than southerners.

3, Pickled food

Some vegetables are not easy to store, people will pickle them for easy storage. Adding a large amount of salt and seasonings to the food can prevent the food from moldy and spoiled. It can also add more flavor to the food, which can increase appetite, especially in old age. People prefer to eat, but this salted food is very high in sodium chloride, and eating too much will damage blood vessels and cause high blood pressure.

4, Desserts and snacks

Except for things that are too spicy and too salty, eating too much sweet food is also bad for the body, because foods with high sugar content also contain a lot of sodium chloride. If you don’t avoid it in time, antihypertensive drugs are equivalent to white eat. Especially middle-aged and elderly people, the body metabolism is slower than normal people, it takes several days to eat a small mouthful of cake to complete metabolism. In addition, eating more desserts and snacks can easily cause body fat, which is not good for health.

Therefore, these four foods must be eaten in moderation. People who already have high blood pressure should be more discouraged. It is more effective to manage their mouths than to take antihypertensive drugs. Many people rely on drugs to control blood pressure. It is better to drink some natural Tea, such as Gynostemma blue tea, can achieve the same effect as antihypertensive drugs.

As the saying goes: “There is Changbai ginseng in the north and Gynostemma pentaphyllum in the south”, it can be seen how high the medicinal value of Gynostemma pentaphyllum. Green Gynostemma contains saponins in ginseng and panax notoginseng, even more than ginseng and panax notoginseng. After saponin enters the human body, it can improve blood vessel function and allow blood vessels to relax naturally, thereby effectively controlling blood pressure. Gynostemma pentaphyllum Will cause negative harm to the body. However, the saponins in Gynostemma pentaphyllum can be dissolved at high temperature, so brewing Gynostemma pentaphyllum with hot water can analyze the nutritional content of grass leaves, control blood pressure better, and taste more refreshing.