The correct way to open watermelon in summer

“If a watermelon costs more than 130 yuan, would you still buy it?” Today, this is no longer a hypothesis, and such a choice is placed in front of the Koreans. Recently, according to the Korean Ministry of Statistics and the Agricultural and Fishery Food Distribution Corporation on the 26th, in a small and medium-sized supermarket in Seoul, a watermelon of 22,500 won, about 135 yuan. Also in Japan, watermelon is so expensive that everyone can only be a high-end dessert after dinner. In China, the recent pound of watermelon is about 1 yuan, a ratio, very cheap, and it is a treasure, and quickly eat it.

Watermelon seeds can be dried to eat as snacks

Wang Guizhen, president of the Weifang City Dietitian Association: When I was a child, I often listened to adults and scared the children to say that they would not have a watermelon in their stomach, so the whole childhood was full of watermelons. Nowadays, I know that it is impossible to grow watermelon in my stomach. Some people are too lazy to spit. However, even if the seeds are eaten directly, it is very difficult to digest. For those who have weaker digestive functions, especially do not eat with seeds.

The seeds in watermelon are seed foods, contain nearly 30% protein, and also contain high minerals such as zinc and iron that are beneficial to the human body. They can be washed and dried to make melon seeds.

It’s okay to vomit watermelon seeds, and there is a way to help you. Because watermelon seeds are arranged regularly in watermelon, they are relatively concentrated. For watermelons with clear lines, if you cut the watermelon in the direction of the stripe and pick out the exposed watermelon seeds, there will be very little left. Moreover, the more regular the shape of the watermelon, the clearer the surface texture, the better the method is.

Of course, if you are lazy, you can also buy “seedless melon”, which is obtained by crossing diploid watermelon and tetraploid watermelon (not genetically modified), completely without seeds, without the concern of spit and eating more. Cool.

Watermelon 瓤 pure natural nutrition drink

Cai Honglin, director of the Nutrition Department of the Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology: We usually say that eating watermelon, in fact, rather than “eat”, it is better to say “drink” watermelon!

The English name of watermelon is “watermelon”, which consists of “water” and “melon”. Indeed, the water content in watermelon is as high as 93%, which is more than the water in other common fruits. It is very appropriate to call “water melon”.

Moreover, the water in watermelon is higher than ordinary water, which also contains fructose, vitamins and minerals (for example, potassium which needs to be supplemented by sweating in summer), antioxidant lycopene, citrulline and other nutrients. It can be said to be a natural “natural nutritional drink”.

In summer, the best way to eat watermelon is to divide a watermelon into two. Use a small spoon to dig and eat, super cool, and basically don’t have to worry about the melon soup flowing to the clothes.

However, it is easy to eat too much at once. Looking at the light is water, not much, but fructose is not easy to give people a feeling of fullness, will accidentally eat a lot, and thus accumulate, the final intake of heat is not low.

Let’s just take a look. According to the calculation of 5 kg of half a watermelon, the weight of the melon is about 1500 g (about 60% of the edible part), the energy is about 390 kcal, and the heat of a bowl of cooked rice (about 200 g) is 232 kcal. In other words, eating half a watermelon is equivalent to eating a bowl of half a rice.

Eating so much rice will definitely feel full, and eating half a watermelon is effortless, and you don’t even feel it.

Therefore, to eat watermelon must be a little bit, need to control the calories of other foods, especially for diabetic patients.

Watermelon Cuiyi High-level solution

Dr. Zhuang Qianzhu, a doctor of Chinese medicine: Most people throw watermelon rind into the trash after eating melon. In fact, this is a pity, because the heat-clearing effect of watermelon rind is better than that of watermelon.

The watermelon rind is sweet and cool. The dried watermelon rind can be made into the traditional Chinese medicine “Watermelon Cuiyi”. It has a good function of clearing away heat and detoxifying. It is commonly used to treat various diseases such as dry mouth and thirst, sore throat and urinary tract infection.

In addition to rich vitamins and niacin, fresh watermelon rind also contains a variety of organic acids and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, and also has the effects of heat, detoxification, diuresis and blood pressure lowering, edema, nephritis and burns. , edema and other diseases have a good adjuvant treatment.

Therefore, after eating watermelon, the watermelon rind is slightly cooked, which can turn waste into treasure, and can also help a variety of diseases, you may wish to try.

During the high temperature season in summer, people often suffer from symptoms such as upset thirst, red eyes, dizziness, sore throat, less urine, and yellow color. 200 grams of watermelon rind can be taken, washed and chopped, and 9 grams of silver flower washed. Put the two into the pot together, add appropriate amount of water and decoct for 30 minutes with a large fire, filter the juice with gauze, add 30 grams of white sugar to make “Cuiyi Yinhua Drink” to drink.

For long-term operation at high temperatures, fresh watermelon rind can be taken, the green skin on the outermost surface of the surface is cut off, and the remaining decocted soup is served on behalf of the tea. In addition, in the high temperature season, the watermelon skin fried, soup, salad, can also play a role in cooling.

Watermelon clothes can not only be eaten, but also used for smearing. Take some fresh watermelon rind, wash it, simmer the juice, smear it for 5-6 minutes, then wash it with warm water, or gently rub it with watermelon rind for 10 minutes, then rinse with water, once a day. In the hot summer season, if you insist on using it, not only can prevent lice, avoid or eliminate itchy skin, but also make the skin smooth.

Standing at home

Cut melon




10~40 yuan. Advantages: This “artifact” is suitable for larger round fruits such as watermelon and cantaloupe. By using this cut melon to press down from the top of half a watermelon, half of the watermelon can be divided into even equal parts for easy consumption. If it is a small model, this artifact can also be used to cut apples, pears, etc., directly remove the core, leaving a petal of flesh for consumption.

Disadvantages: For thicker watermelons, cantaloupes or apples, it is very laborious to cut, and the right tool size can be cut perfectly.

Digging ball




Around 10 yuan

Advantages: Cut the watermelon directly with a knife, the surface will be very irregular. For those who love to cook food and people who have children at home, the use of this “artifact” can be used to dig up watermelon ball, can also be used to dig ice cream balls, it is still very practical, look good, easy to cause appetite . Moreover, some of the other end of the ball digper spoon also has a carved knife that can make the watermelon pattern.

Disadvantages: The efficiency is relatively low. If many people eat together, it will be too late to dig.





10~20 yuan

Advantages: This slicer is mainly used to cut fruit slabs. There is a stainless steel thick rod in front of the tool, which can be separated from the watermelon syrup and the watermelon grove. When used, the serrations face up, starting from the edge and drawing an arc along the melon skin, and vice versa. Also suitable for dragon fruit, papaya, cantaloupe and other fruits.

Disadvantages: The watermelon slices cut out are larger and not very convenient to eat (but because there is no skin, it is not necessary). Moreover, sometimes it is not clean and you need to dig it again.