The stronger the desire to control, the healthier the person

Our life is a process from pursuing control, gaining control, and finally losing control.

People’s control of the environment is an inherent need of life. Everyone wants to be in control of the environment, whether it is work, study, relationships, small things, or their own bodies and emotions. Control is very important to people’s mental and physical health. People with a strong sense of control can protect their health and prevent disease more than those who control it. If you are suffering from a disease, people with strong sense of control take measures to actively respond to the disease.

Those who lose their sense of control make themselves feel that they cannot predict, regulate and control harmful and threatening events. They are powerless in the face of threats, which will lead to the formation of learned helplessness, which means stopping efforts and thinking.

Chinese medicine talks about control
“Huainanzi” said in the book: “Where the body is governed, the place to sleep, the diet, and the anger, then move, so that” in the winners, and the evil is not born, if sorrow and sorrow The hair of the sputum, and the shackles of the sputum.” It means that if you adjust your living habits, the evils of the disease will not occur, and the disease will not occur.

An experimental study on the sense of control
Some people used the elderly in nursing homes as subjects and divided the elderly into experimental and control groups. The elderly in the experimental group have the responsibility to take care of themselves, such as arranging their own room and arranging their own activities. The elderly in the control group are the nurses of the nursing home who have the responsibility of caring for the elderly. After three weeks, the happiness and enthusiasm of the experimental group were significantly higher than that of the control group. After one and a half years, the experimental group was better in health and the mortality rate was reduced by half. Experiments have shown that interventions in behavioral control, cognitive control, and decision control have the potential to increase an individual’s sense of control, and that an increase in control is positive for health.

Improve your self-control
In modern society, information explosion, material desires, life is full of all kinds of temptations, then how can we better control our lives, make life more healthy, more exciting?

First, get up early. Mr. Nan Huaiqi once said that people who can control the morning can control their lives! Go to bed early and get up early, when others are still dreaming, you are already on the road to fighting for your dreams.

Second, give up. When you are unsuccessful in controlling your target. Appropriately lower the level, you can even change the target, but don’t deny yourself, let alone the destined fatalism.

Third, strengthen self-cultivation. People’s self-control depends to a certain extent on their ideological quality. People with lofty ideals and ambitions will never produce bad behaviors for the emotional impulses of the district. Therefore, the most fundamental way to improve self-control is to establish a correct outlook on life and world, and to maintain an optimistic and healthy mood.

Fourth, cultivate willpower. In general, we must strengthen the cultivation of the will of independence in our own character, and we must have a high degree of self-awareness in the goals we set up. As long as you follow the practice of your own practice, you should go on without hesitation and try to achieve the intended purpose. You don’t have to pursue anything to be perfect, you don’t have to be strict with yourself, and you don’t have to pay too much attention to how others talk about you.

Therefore, it is necessary to appropriately increase the sense of control of the individual, not only to help our life become healthier, but also to make our body healthier.