The United States announced the top ten high-salt foods

Nine of the ten people have eaten too much salt. Recently, the US Network Doctor of Medicine website reported the findings of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Moreover, the CDC reports that most of the salt that people consume comes from the table or supermarket of an ordinary family. Bread is the food that people eat the most salt.

The US CDC report is based on a survey of 7,200 Americans between 2007 and 2008, including 3,000 children. The survey shows that people eat too much salt in the channels, concentrated on 10 kinds of food. The salt that people consume from these 10 foods accounts for 44% of the total salt.

The 10 high-salt foods are in turn bread, luncheon meat, pizza, processed and unprocessed poultry, soup, cheese burgers and sandwiches, and cheese, which account for about 7% of the total salt intake. The other three foods account for about 3% of the total salt intake: spaghetti, meat dishes, snacks (including potato chips, savory biscuits and popcorn).

However, experts pointed out that the sodium content varies greatly among the same foods. For example, the sodium of a piece of white bread can be between 80 and 230 mg. A cup of chicken noodle soup has a sodium content between 100 and 940 mg. The sodium content of 3 ounces of lunch meat is between 450 and 1050 mg. This means that instead of the above foods, you can’t eat them, but you have to change the cooking or making methods to reduce the sodium content. CDC director Thomas said that if the sodium content of these 10 foods is reduced by 25%, the total amount of sodium in people’s diet can be reduced by 10%, which can reduce 28,000 deaths per year.