There are 9 misunderstandings related to eating that thousands haven’t noticed!

Eating and drinking are things to do every day, but are you really doing it right? The following statements are common in everyday life, and there are misunderstandings that thousands of people have believed.


Hot water can sterilize dishes

This practice is commonplace. Many people enter the restaurant and open the disposable tableware. They skillfully place the plates, bowls, tea cups, glasses, and spoons in order from bottom to top. Drain it, burn it layer by layer, and drain the water. I felt relieved afterwards. If you don’t do this step, you really can’t swallow it!

the truth

In addition to reaching specific temperature conditions, boiling water-killing germs also need a continuous period of time.

Taking Salmonella as an example, the bacteria must be killed at least for 5 minutes at a temperature of 70 ° C to 80 ° C.

Therefore, whether it is in a restaurant or at home, the bowl of water does not continue to reach the corresponding high temperature and time, and it cannot play a role in disinfecting the tableware.


Eating Fruit After Meal Will Gain Weight

Those exquisite men and women have extremely perfect requirements for their bodies and feel that they will gain weight after eating.

the truth

Eating fruit is not directly related to gaining weight.

With the same stomach capacity, fruits provide less calories. No matter if eaten before or after meals, fruits can prolong the feeling of fullness, rich in natural micronutrients and phytochemicals, and have the function of regulating the intestinal microecology, but it is good for weight control.


The more expensive vitamin C is, the better

After eating 500 yuan of vitamin C, many girls feel that their skin keeps improving and becomes whiter and smoother. Then came to a conclusion: this expensive thing, it is good!

the truth

We can say responsibly: Victoria C is not the more expensive the better.

The price of common vitamin C on the market varies widely, there are 1.8 yuan a bottle of pharmaceutical VC, and there are hundreds of health care products VC.

In fact, the active ingredients in all VC products are the same. Essentially, there is no difference that the more expensive the price, the more effective it is.


A drink before bed helps sleep

A small glass of wine before bedtime, warming the belly, the feeling of flirtatious is not to help sleep.

the truth

“Tip” before going to bed is not conducive to sleep!

Drinking a small amount of alcohol before going to bed can cause central nervous excitement, but can’t sleep.

Drinking a lot of alcohol will cause the central nervous system to be inhibited and cause drowsiness and drowsiness, but it is harmful to the human body.

After 3 to 4 hours of temporary alcohol hypnosis caused by heavy drinking disappears, drowsiness will disappear, and the body will also experience symptoms of sympathetic nerve excitement such as rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. At this time, people will easily wake up, even insomnia.


High-temperature oil cooking, fragrant table

This is the consensus of many housewives. When the fire increases, the oil temperature is high, the cooking time is short, and the food is naturally delicious. While cooking, I was thinking: This fire is very beautiful!

the truth

Low temperature cooking is healthier.

When cooking with high temperature oil, the smoke point of the oil will be reached, which will not only destroy the nutritional content of the oil, but also produce harmful substances such as trans fats, alkanes and benzenes. Controlling the heat is more often to preserve the nutrition and freshness of the ingredients.

Therefore, it is not suitable for high-temperature cooking. Choose low-temperature cooking. Cooking in a hot pan with warm oil can not only retain nutrition, but also retain the fresh taste of the food.


Eating soy sauce can make people dark

Soy sauce is heavy in color, even if you eat too much, your teeth can change color, let alone your skin? I heard more than one girl complaining: “I grew so dark because I loved soy sauce vegetables when I was young, and I regret it!”

the truth

Eating soy sauce does not make people dark.

Soy sauce is a liquid condiment made by fermentation of soybeans, wheat, and other ingredients. In addition to water, it also contains nutrients such as salt, some amino acids, sugar, and organic acids. It can be seen that soy sauce does not contain melanin, nor does it contain any photosensitive components that cause melanin production.

The general soy sauce is reddish brown, and some particularly dark soy sauces are added with caramel, but this pigment does not increase the formation of melanin in the skin.


UV-sterilized foods can cause cancer

Recently, I heard that there are too many foods that can cause cancer. I wanted to use the function of ultraviolet sterilization to disinfect food. I did not expect to say this again, saying that long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation will cause skin cancer. .

the truth

UV-sterilized foods do not cause cancer.

Because the principle of ultraviolet sterilization is to destroy the DNA molecules of bacteria and viruses with a certain nanometer wavelength, making bacteria and viruses unable to reproduce. The wavelength of UV-induced skin cancer is different from the bactericidal wavelength, and the principle is completely different.

Compared with the method of heat sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization will not destroy the nutritional content and taste of food, nor will it produce carcinogens. Foods sterilized with ultraviolet rays are absolutely safe and edible.


Drink bone soup when calcium is lacking

This is how much Baoma ’s consensus is. Use the bottom of the bone soup and cook it for your baby. Watching the baby taste delicious, as if you see calcium flowing into the baby’s bones. For those who accidentally fractured, the bone soup was simply a standing stock, and it felt more useful than medicine.

the truth

Drinking milk and calcium is more reliable!

Simply drinking soup does not have much nutritional intake. The study found that the nutrient content in the broth was only about 1/10 of the meat, or even lower, and the main nutritional component was still in the meat.

There are also people who want to supplement calcium through bone soup, but this is just a beautiful fantasy. Most of the calcium in bone is in the form of hydroxyapatite, which is basically insoluble in water.

The calcium content of 1 liter of soup is generally around 6.7 mg, while the calcium content of 1 liter of milk is about 1000 mg. So if you want to add calcium, drink milk is more reliable!

If you are intolerant to lactose and can’t drink milk, drink yogurt.

It doesn’t matter if you are allergic to milk or don’t like the taste of milk! The world health network gives you a list of foods high in calcium, you can choose your own, eat and eat usually-


Soy milk carcinogenic

Soy milk contains soy isoflavones, an estrogen. Drinking too much soy milk may cause breast cancer.

the truth

Consuming soy milk does not cause cancer.

Soymilk contains phytoestrogen soybean isoflavones, which cannot be equaled with human estrogen.

Numerous studies have found that eating moderate amounts of soy foods does not increase the risk of breast cancer, and that women who eat soy products have a 25% lower risk of breast cancer than those who eat less soy products. However, it should be noted that soy milk is not soy protein powder or soy flour, and it is necessary to avoid intake of soy milk drinks containing flavors, dextrin and sugar.