These kinds of fruits can help treat tonsil inflammation

Summer is coming, many people do not pay attention to the diet can easily lead to inflammation of the tonsils. What is the inflammation of the tonsils?

Let’s take a look.


Kumquat skin is rich in nutrients, contains vitamin C and calcium, and has the effect of eliminating tonsil inflammation. The fruit of kumquat contains vitamin A, B1, B2, C and calcium, which is beneficial to the repair of tonsil mucosa.


Loquat’s flesh has a good effect of moistening the lungs and diuresis, clearing away heat and strengthening the spleen. Regular consumption has a good curing effect on the liver. And it is also rich in vitamin C in the meat, which can effectively help the body to fight against bad blood factors. Edible sputum can be a good treatment and moisturizing effect on patients with tonsil inflammation.


Chinese traditional Chinese medicine pointed out that pears are cool, have a good effect of thirst, lungs and cough. For the symptoms of dry throat, hoarseness and thickening of the tonsils, the pears have a good alleviation effect.


Pomegranate has the effect of thirst, convergence and solid phlegm, stop diarrhea and stop bleeding; attending to Tianjin, dry mouth, dry throat, polydipsia. Studies have shown that pomegranate decoction has a good effect on the treatment of tonsil inflammation, and it also has excellent treatment and relief effect on the sore throat caused by inflammation of the tonsils.

Yang Mei

Bayberry contains a variety of organic acids, which can be eaten by raw food. It has a certain relief effect on the sore throat caused by inflammation of the tonsils and the dry itching and cough.