This way to eat apples, nutrition increased by 30%!

Xiao Jiu excitedly spent five minutes returning to the mail, attaching a photo taken in the subway: two-thirds of the passengers in the picture are playing with the various generations of iPhone in their strange gestures. The apple in Xiaojiu’s hand has not had time to let go, and the mail is coming again. “Is not looking for death, labor is not the apple. ‘An apple a day, the doctor is away from you, the apple, eat!!”

One apple a day, the doctor is away from you. It may be the most widely spoken health slang in the world, but there are not many people who know the origin.

“Apple” is actually just a code name

According to historical records, the “one apple a day” appeared in the records for the first time, around 1860, from the Pembrokeshire folks in Wales, England. The argument at the time was: an apple before going to bed, the doctor had no bread. In the old Britain, bread represents a livelihood, which is equivalent to the “bready” that the Chinese are familiar with.

By the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, this sentence evolved into “an apple a day, don’t give money to a doctor”, “an apple a day, send a doctor away from me.” The current version of the statement is relatively “young”, the earliest The year is 1922.

As for why it is an “apple” every day, the truth is astounding: purely because Apple’s English word is easy to remember, and rhymes.

Apple does have good nutritional value. Ancient Romans and Anglo-Saxons already knew that apples are healthy. It is even said that ancient Indians have incorporated it into the ranks of Ayurveda (Ancient Indian herbs) 1,500 years ago. Modern medicine and research have also confirmed many of Apple’s health benefits. For example, a 2012 study by the Ohio State University found that middle-aged people eating an apple a day can significantly reduce “bad cholesterol” in the body; the Netherlands in 2011 The study said that eating apples and pears can help prevent strokes.

But in ancient times, the meaning of “apple” in English was much broader than that of modern times. At that time, apple meant “all round fruits that grow on the tree.” For example, Adam and Eve in the Bible stealing the forbidden fruit in the forbidden fruit is now described as an apple, but in the 1611 edition of the Bible, its name is still “fruit.”

“I am not an apple, please call me rich fruit”

Unlike ancient times, modern people choose to continue with an apple every day. In fact, they have a philosophy of life. Because Apple has the same four seasons, the price is cheap, and the most important point: its nutrient composition is rich and quite reliable.

·Basic nutrition

Like other fruits, apples can bring a variety of benefits to human health. First, the cholesterol, fat, and salt content of an apple is zero and does not cause any health damage. At the same time, Apple’s heat is extremely low, only 80, is the perfect choice for people with weight loss. In addition, Apple can provide 22 grams of carbohydrates, accounting for only 7% of the daily sugar intake, and these carbohydrates are complex, which is very helpful for the promotion of physical fitness. Apple can also supply a variety of essential nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Apples are rich in a variety of phytonutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin E and beta-carotene. These substances help to suppress free radicals that are harmful to health, thus avoiding chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and asthma.

·Vitamin C

Vitamin C is listed separately because it is one of Apple’s core nutrients and has many health benefits. Among them, the most important function is to protect the immune system, allowing people to resist many diseases, from eye diseases to cancer, and it is also very effective in preventing skin wrinkles.


Pectin is a soluble fiber that plays an important role in maintaining the health of the digestive system. It can also help the body reduce “bad cholesterol” and lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Apple, in the health world’s vocabulary: rich in pectin.


Boron is a nutrient that helps maintain bone strength and brain health.


There are many different names for h h (hú), which are flavonoids,They are flavonoids, so they help prevent as many cancers as their names, such as breast cancer. Lung cancer, etc. In addition, it can also effectively prevent free radicals that cause geriatric diseases, thereby preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, Apple is not “poor” or “flat” in its nutritional value. Every day an apple can’t make you stay away from the doctor for a lifetime (all living people have to see a doctor), but it can bring a lot of money. Healthfulness can reduce the number of times you go to see a doctor.

After eating apples for so many years, I have been eating wrong? !

Finally, enter the most critical topic, how to eat apples? Some people say that it is not simple, cleaned up, hey, get it…

In fact, it is not simple at all. For example, if you want to eat the topic of apple peel, you can have no results in the big debate for three days and three nights.

Apple peel is the most nutritious part of the whole apple, especially the antioxidant content. Even counting the negative effects of pesticide residues or fruit waxes, it will not offset the enormous benefits of apple peel.

Therefore, as long as you have no psychological barriers and are properly cleaned, you can even get a little bit together with the belt core.

Children’s shoes with good eyesight will find: “Nani, even the skin will be considered, what is the ghost with a nuclear?”

In fact, most normal people eat apples, which are bitten around the apple core, and the rest are thrown into the garbage dump, and the countryside is taken to feed the pigs. Just like the picture below.

It is said that “the apple core is poisonous”, and there are reports that a one-year-old child drank apple juice and felt unwell. So some people have invented a variety of tools to go to the apple core.

Some specialize in nuclear, you can put the apples on the heart; others are more versatile, and the hands are falling, not only the apple core is gone, but also the apple is divided into a petal, which is quite convenient.

However, eating apple experts pointed out that the above-mentioned eating methods are actually mistakes or extremely wasteful eating methods.

Foreign studies have found that this method wastes 15% to 30% of apples and their nutrition!

Statistics show that if you follow the “One Apple a Day” instruction, you will eat about 100 pounds of apples a year, and you can save at least 100 yuan a year with a catty of 4 yuan. The American magazine even calculated that the economic loss caused by mistakenly eating apples in the United States was as high as $13.2 billion a year…

First of all, it is not accurate to say that “the apple core is poisonous”. The main poisonous place is apple seed. Apple seeds contain cyanogenic glycosides. In fact, they are also non-toxic, but they can hydrolyze toxic hydrocyanic acid under the action of biological enzymes.

However, the content of cyanogenic glycosides in apple seeds is very small, and it is only harmful to small hamsters. One or two tablets of human body shape will not be poisoned. Unless someone is singularly chewing on apple seeds.

At present, all reports on apple nuclear poisoning are speculations and even intimidation.

Secondly, the “Apple Core” itself is just a legend. The American “Atlantic Monthly” has experimentally proved that the whole apple can be eaten.

Its editor James Hamblin said: “The apple core is a product of society. It is actually a fin-shaped fiber band. The diameter is not as wide as a pencil and the taste is not bad. As long as the apple is eaten vertically, it can be ignored.”

The real person demonstration shows that as long as you start eating from the top or bottom of the apple, you can really eat nothing, just spit out the apple core. The “peeling party” can also be peeled off and take this kind of eating.

This is the legendary correct eating of apple law. Ask you, can you dare to try?