Top Ten “Future Foods”

What is the future food? This problem has long been prepared by humans as we rack our brains to use our imagination. Hong Kong’s publishes the next ten kinds of foods. The materials are strange, and the way of planting and eating are also staggering.

Algae Cookies: After the algae are air-dried, they are ground into “flour” for making cookies and other cakes. Algae grows fast, can survive in highly polluted environments, and has less cholesterol in food products.

Super Rice: Genetically modified rice can increase yield and resistance to epidemics. In recent years, super rice has been more resistant to drought and growth in poor soils, ensuring that production is not affected by natural disasters.

Tomatoes in seawater: Norway is experimenting with extracting dehydrated seawater in Jordan for greenhouse cultivation. If the technology is mature, the desert with drought and water shortage will also have the opportunity to become a land of fish and rice.

Insect paste: Insects contain high levels of protein, and beetles, bees, and caterpillars are unexplored sources of nutrition. The United Nations has recently recommended that insects be ground into protein-rich pastes and mixed with other foods.

Fruit and vegetable meat: Soy, mushrooms and tofu have long been used to make meat substitutes. With the development of 3D printing technology, these “meats” are expected to become more delicious and attract more people to eat.

Herbivorous: Scientists are developing a machine that functions as a bovine stomach, transforming grass that humans cannot absorb into absorbable nutrients, and then producing food.

Fake eggs: replace the true protein with cheaper protein powder.

Music aroma: Oxford University scientists have discovered that different types of music can affect the taste of eating, and it is proposed to replace the sugar in the food with high-frequency piano sounds, so that the taste is unchanged and the food becomes healthier.

Nano-modified foods: Nanotechnology can change the composition of food meals, improve nutrition, reduce harmful substances and fats without affecting taste. French fries may reduce the body’s absorption of fat in the future, while hamburgers can lower cholesterol.

Food Pills: In the current technology, the human body fails to effectively absorb the nutrients of food pills. However, high-nutrition food cream has been widely welcomed by athletes and malnourished people. For example, the delicious creamy food “Plumpy’nut” is made from high-concentration peanut butter and therapeutic milk, which can instantly replenish the body of the empty stomach.