Turns out the fruit is so delicious!

Orange fried pork, strawberry braised pork, pineapple pork ribs, apple chicken slices … Recently, the university cafeteria, which has been ridiculed as “the ninth largest cuisine in China”, has introduced a batch of fresh dishes into the dish, which was dubbed by netizens. “Divine cuisine”.

Some netizens are eager to try, saying that “it’s not bad to change the taste”; but some netizens regard it as “dark cuisine”, saying that “the vitamins of fruits are destroyed” and “pure speculation attracts attention.” The students also had mixed opinions on the taste of the dishes. But a common question is, are these “canteen god dishes” nutritionally reasonable?

In response to the question of the low nutritional value of fruit in vegetables, Liu Lan, secretary general of the Beijing Nutritionist Association, said that in general, this “mix and match” form is still good. On the one hand, some students do not like to eat fruit and vegetables. These innovative dishes can also bring freshness to students and increase their fruit intake. On the other hand, some fruits can increase the taste of dishes and increase the appetite of students, such as pineapple gruel. However, there is indeed a gap in the nutritional value of these “canteen god dishes”.

Apple Chicken Slices: Liu Li, director of the Nutrition Department of the Third People’s Hospital of Chongqing, said that “Apple Fried Meat” seems to be a dark dish, but many fruits can be used as ingredients for cooking. It is also an innovation as long as the diners accept it. Apple has a mild flavor and can be perfectly combined with high-protein chicken breasts. Vitamin A and trace elements are more easily absorbed by the body.

Pineapple roasted pork ribs: Pineapple is not new to the vegetables. Although most fruits are not suitable for heating, fruits such as bananas and pineapples with lower vitamin content do not contain nutrients such as pectin, dietary fiber, and polyphenols. Lost in the medium, so some traditional practices will be passed down, such as roasted bananas (preferably with skins) and pineapple grits. Pineapple is also a natural meat tenderizer, which goes well with meat.

炒 Orange fried meat: Oranges are rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, etc. These nutrients are easily broken down and lost at high temperatures. But the national nutritionist Zhang Zuwei also pointed out that in Chinese medicine, there are food therapies for steaming oranges before eating, because for people with weak spleen and stomach and weak constitution, eating oranges is not easy to digest raw, and the effect is more effective good.

Stir-fried strawberries with celery: Strawberries are best eaten raw. They are rich in vitamins and carotene. They have antipyretic and antipyretic effects. Heating will cause their loss of vitamins. In fact, for the taste of this dish, many students use “dark cuisine” to describe it, saying “cannot appreciate it.” Although creative, try to be cautious. Liu Lan also suggested that because the vitamins in fruits will be damaged if they are exposed to high temperatures, when the cafeteria launches such creative dishes or everyone tries at home, it should be noted that the fruits should not be fried for a long time.