Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent influenza

It is reported that the annual seasonal epidemic of influenza can cause 3 to 5 million severe cases worldwide and 290,000 to 650,000 deaths related to respiratory diseases. High-risk groups such as pregnant women, infants, the elderly, and patients with chronic underlying diseases have a higher risk of serious illness and death after influenza.

There are currently no drugs to prevent the flu. “Early detection and early treatment of the flu is the key. Once the flu is diagnosed, drugs such as Duffy should be used immediately. Duffy is not resistant to most influenza, but it usually has no effect after 3 days. “As for using Duffy as soon as flu-like symptoms appear, Zhong Nanshan doesn’t think this is a good way. “Two methods, for example, in a group of people who have been diagnosed with the flu, do not hesitate to use it, so as to reduce the spread of the disease; if it is only an individual who has symptoms, he may not be the flu, or it may be a cold.”

“We are conducting a study with relevant Hong Kong units to see if traditional Chinese medicines such as Banlangen and Lianhua Qingwen Capsules can have a clinical preventive effect. That is to say, when the flu breaks out in the population, using this medicine will not Will it reduce the further occurrence of influenza? This is a new research direction. “Zhong Nanshan revealed that the research is still in trial.

Due to the high variability of influenza viruses, there is currently no universal influenza vaccine. The annual vaccine must be customized according to the global forecast and recommendation of seasonal virus epidemic strains.

“Trivalent and tetravalent vaccines are very obvious for the prevention of influenza, and can prevent 60% of the incidence of influenza. The main problem now is to gradually change the psychology of everyone talking about vaccine discoloration.” Zhong Nanshan called in particular. He said that China is actively seeking cooperation in vaccine research and development, including Shenzhen and France’s Sanofi Group signing a vaccine innovation strategy to solve the problem of influenza vaccine supply.