What are the benefits of drinking jujube ginger tea?

The combination of red dates and ginger is too common. We are often referred to as “Jing Jujube Tea”, which is a kind of health drink that everyone likes. Ginger is a seasoning in daily life. Ginger has a slightly warm and pungent taste in traditional medicine. The properties of Xinwen have the effect of sweating and relieving the table. The ancients said that “spicy is overflowing”, that is, food similar to ginger. Such as garlic, green onions, mint, pepper, pepper, etc., their smell is spread out, so they have not seen the shape before they smell it, have the effect of gas and divergence, these foods can drive the cold Ginger is best at going to stomach cold, ginger is warm, which is equivalent to adding vitality to the spleen and stomach, let the spleen and stomach actively promote the cold and dampness in the stomach and relieve the pain of stomach cold; ginger can drive the cold, because after warming the spleen and stomach, The effect of Xin San continues to the lungs at night, and the main fur of the lungs helps to strengthen the body’s resistance to the outside cold. Therefore, the nasal congestion caused by the cold is cold, and it is cold and so on. It may be helpful to eat ginger.

As the saying goes, “Winter eating radish and eating ginger in summer, do not need a doctor to prescribe a prescription”, why is summer so hot and still eat ginger?

In fact, because ginger dissolves the effect of dispelling cold, we love to drink cold drinks and love to blow air conditioners in summer. Ginger can help us to calm down the coldness of these body surfaces. Summer is hot, and the spicy effect of ginger also helps to perspire. On the contrary, it can make us cooler. Ginger, garlic and other foods contain spicy aromatic ingredients, they contain sulfur compounds, the volatile gas in ginger is “gingerone”, which helps promote gastric acid secretion, refreshing and removing phlegm, and helping to stop vomiting. Of course, it varies from person to person. Some people may have some resistance to the smell of ginger and do not like this taste. Ginger contains some carotene, high potassium, a certain amount of magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other elements, the nutritional value is not low.

Jujube is also a non-negligible thing in traditional medicine. Jujube has been a good product of qi and blood since ancient times. Jujube is sweet and flat, can moisturize the heart and lungs, make up the five internal organs, and red dates can “fill blood”, not because it is rich in iron. The elements and red dates alleviate the symptoms of “blood deficiency” in traditional Chinese medicine. For example, Qi can’t promote blood movement. Although there is no anemia, the body is weak, the limbs are cold and numb, and the red dates are sweet, which helps the appetite and The spleen promotes the transportation of the spleen and stomach. Jujube is rich in nutrients, especially rich in minerals, and is also rich in vitamins. It is also beneficial to supplement the body with proper ingredients. The combination of ginger and jujube, a sweet taste, a sweet, Chinese medicine “Xingan Huayang” means that they can warm together with yang, and have an effect on yang deficiency and cold dampness. Drinking ginger jujube tea in summer can remove Chen Han and distribute the coldness accumulated on the body surface. Drinking ginger jujube tea in winter also helps to warm the body.

However, it is necessary to pay more attention to a few questions. Ginger jujube tea is not suitable for all physiques. The yin deficiency body has less body fluid, and the ginger jujube tea assists in the “fire” in the body, so that the body fluid is less; the friends with damp heat constitution should not be more Drink, ginger to help heat, jujube is wet, no matter whether it is wet or hot. Friends with more serious yang deficiency and cold dampness can drink some ginger jujube tea.