What are the benefits of women eating apples?

Apple is a very common kind of fruit, which is available all year round. The benefits of apples are also well known. The nutritional value of apples is really a praise. It is more healthy for women to eat more apples. Do you know if every female friend insists on eating an apple every day? Let’s take a look at the benefits of women eating apples!

The benefits of eating apples 1, potassium

Apple contains potassium, which lowers blood pressure and prevents high blood pressure. For people with high blood pressure, eating apples is beneficial and harmless!

The benefits of eating apples 2, pectin

Pectin is a water soluble dietary fiber that is soluble in water. Water-soluble dietary fiber has adhesiveness and must take time to move in the stomach and intestines, so it can promote gastrointestinal motility and help defecation.

The benefits of eating apples 3, apple polyphenols

Studies have shown that apple polyphenols can inhibit reactive oxygen species and prevent dark spots. It has the effect of revealing apple light from the inside of the skin. It seems that if you want to be beautiful, eating apples will save you!

Benefits of eating apples 4. Citric acid, malic acid

Citric acid and malic acid are capable of decomposing lactic acid, which is a fatigue substance, and have the effect of eliminating fatigue. Office workers can bring an apple every day, and when they are more sleepy in the afternoon, they can get rid of fatigue.