What are the effects of not eating breakfast?

In the absence of breakfast intake, the body will start to have problems, and it will affect the gastrointestinal function on an empty stomach. There is no food in the body to start digesting, and at noon, it will quickly hoard food and accumulate fat.

Lack of protein intake affects the level of keratin, which can hinder hair growth and trigger hair loss. Breakfast is an essential meal of the day and plays an important role in promoting hair follicle growth. So if you don’t want to lose hair, then you should enjoy a protein-rich breakfast every day.

It is normal to not eat hunger overnight. At this time, the blood sugar level in the body will drop. The brain will show dizziness and memory deterioration. The attention is not easy to concentrate, it will affect the use of the brain, and it will affect the long-term. To intelligence, and because the brain lacks nutrients for a long time, it also affects memory.

Not eating breakfast will make you eat too much at other times of the day, which increases your chances of obesity. According to research by the British Cancer Institute, people who are overweight or obese are at higher risk of developing cancer.