What do patients with cirrhosis need to pay attention to in diet?

Cirrhosis is a very difficult disease to treat. Patients can treat the cirrhosis with the diet and adjust the doctor’s treatment to make the body get enough nutrition to avoid the lack of nutrition and the body. What is the treatment of cirrhosis? Do patients understand? The Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Liver Hospital will give you a detailed introduction below.

  1. The diet of patients with cirrhosis is best light, eat some easily digestible foods, such as tofu and dairy products, do not eat irritating foods, such as pepper.
  2. Eat more foods rich in zinc. Most patients with cirrhosis have low blood zinc levels. Do not drink alcohol. You can eat some eggs, fish, shrimp, lean pork, and beef.
  3. Patients with cirrhosis should eat more foods containing vitamin C. They should eat some fresh vegetables and fruits, such as vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, lychee, cabbage, cucumber, grapes, apples and other fruits and vegetables. Liver cirrhosis therapeutic vitamins facilitate the regeneration and repair of liver cells.
  4. Patients with cirrhosis or edema with mild ascites should have low salt diet, and the daily intake of salt should not exceed 3g. Those with severe edema should have no salt diet.
  5. Patients with cirrhosis can eat some health porridge for treatment, such as winter bamboo shoot mushroom soup, which is very beneficial for the treatment of patients with cirrhosis.