What fruit contains vitamin C

What fruit contains vitamin c? Vitamin C has many effects, which not only enhances the body’s resistance but also whitens the skin. Especially for female friends, usually add the right amount of vitamin C. Some fruits contain a lot of natural vitamin C. Want to know which fruits contain vitamin C? Let’s take a look together.

What fruit contains vitamin c?


Jujube is also known as spine, thorn, wild jujube, jujube, and geese. It is native to North China and distributed in central and southern provinces.

More wild, often shrubs, and some are small trees. The tree is strong. The shape of branches, leaves and flowers is similar to that of common jujubes, but the branches are shorter and the torsion is developed. Except for the branches of the growing branches, the branches are also thorny. Leaves small and dense, small, multi-circular or elliptical, thick, smooth, purple or purple-brown, thin inside, very acidic, nuclear or elliptical, smooth nuclear surface, containing 1 to 2 seeds The seeds are full and can be used as traditional Chinese medicine.

Its adaptability is stronger than that of ordinary jujube, and its flowering period is very long. It can be a honey source plant. The peel is red or purple, and the flesh is thin, loose, and sweet and sour.


Kiwifruit is the name of Chinese kiwifruit cultivar. Also known as fox peach, macaque pear, vine pear, sheep peach, wood, mahogany, kiwi, hemp fruit, etc., widely distributed between the mountains of southern China. It is generally elliptical. The dark green and hairy epidermis is generally not eaten, while the inside is a bright green flesh and a row of black seeds.

The texture of kiwi is soft and the taste is sometimes described as a mixture of strawberries, bananas and pineapples.

Because the macaques like to eat, it is called kiwifruit. It is also said that because the skin is covered with hair, it looks like a macaque and is named as a fresh, nutritious and delicious flavor. It has the effect of beauty and beauty, delays the skin aging effect, and is loved by people of all ages.