What happens to people who often wake up at three or four in the morning?

Insomnia is undoubtedly painful, and it is more painful than insomnia. I am so hard to turn over and over, tossing and tossing to fall asleep, but I didn’t feel how long I slept, and I woke up again. When I saw the time, it was only three or four. At first you will feel that it is only occasional insomnia, as long as it is not always the case, who knows, you have accumulated too many sleepless nights without knowing it, and you can’t remember where you have slept safely every night. The rest of the night’s anxiety and exhaustion are more and more clearly presented on the body.

Always insomnia, how will the body become?

First of all, constant, continuous insomnia, the state of the body must be worse every day, we can not start because it is just a problem, it is only a small problem, let it change “can not bear to say.” After clarifying this point, let’s look at the “warnings” of the body.

The face will no longer look younger

This is undoubtedly a blow to the majority of people who love beauty. Sleep well, the face always shows up most quickly. “You have a bad face, didn’t sleep well last night” is also the most worrying greeting. So how is the face bad? First of all, the eyes appear bloodshot, serious eye bags and dark circles, sensitive, may have insomnia edema the next day. Time is a little longer, the degree of insomnia is deeper, acne and pigmentation will appear on the face, and sometimes the skin will become dry and dark yellow due to easy water loss, fine lines on the eyes, and wrinkles on the forehead. Become more and deeper. At this time, some people have to put a mask every day, but the root cause of insomnia is not fixed, I do not know how many masks have to be posted.

The inside of the body is also starting to strike.

When there is insufficient sleep, the liver and lungs that have to undergo metabolic and detoxification tasks during rest periods often have to bear more burdens, and some of the waste in the body is not discharged in time. At first, the body’s discomfort may be just coughing, and more sputum, but the number of insomnia, time, endocrine disorders, immunity will also decline, various inflammations will appear one after another, from the respiratory system to the digestive system, Even the urinary system will gradually become a problem, which is why many people with insomnia have coughing at night, or choking their noses and urinating.

When the internal blood of the body becomes insufficient, then the joints of the limbs become weak, and when it is severe, it will appear to sleep, and the result is sore.

How to prevent insomnia and wake up early?

In fact, the problem of insomnia, everyone can find their own reasons, such as the pressure of life and work. Some problems that cannot be changed, we can try to accept that it really needs more powerful self to do it, do not form excessive psychological pressure, need a reasonable way to divert, and some can change, and can do, we In order to stop insomnia and maintain a healthy state, we should do our best.

For example, in order to reduce the internal fire, less oil, less salt and less sugar in the diet, on the basis of balanced nutrition, keep the taste light and develop the habit of continuous exercise on the one hand, on the one hand to ensure their reasonable schedule, not to eat late at night. Staying up late, don’t let late sleep become a habit, a friend who needs to have a cup of soothing milk before going to bed according to his own needs. In short, wanting a healthy state of life begins with an emphasis on sleep quality.