What kind of tea is suitable for autumn? These 5 kinds of tea, you can try more

Drinking tea is a favorite way of health for most people. Drinking tea regularly can cultivate sentiment and self-cultivation. The rich nutrients in tea are also good for your health. So, in the autumn season, which tea is more suitable for drinking? What else should I pay attention to when drinking tea?

What kind of tea is suitable for autumn?

1, Oolong tea

The autumn climate is relatively dry, the body is easy to sleep, and the oolong tea is mild in nature, with the effect of reducing dryness, dissolving fat and leveling fire. Moreover, oolong tea also has a good effect in delaying skin aging, helping to lose weight and preventing cancer, and is very suitable for drinking in the fall.

2, Pu’er tea

Pu’er tea is popular tea, and it is also suitable for drinking in autumn. Because Pu’er tea is warm and tastes mellow, regular drinking can help nourish the stomach, and it is also beneficial to delay aging and thirst.

3, Eucommia tea

In the autumn, the temperature difference is large, which is easy to cause various diseases. At this time, you may wish to drink a cup of Eucommia tea before going to bed to help promote sleep. If the middle-aged and elderly people drink more, they can also lower blood pressure and lower blood fat, and the health care effect is obvious.

4, Chrysanthemum tea

Drinking chrysanthemum tea often helps to clear away heat, detoxify, remove anger, and refresh your eyes, thus achieving good health goals. Drinking in the fall is also very suitable.

5, Lotus leaf tea

For women, you can also drink more with lotus leaf in the fall. Drinking lotus leaf tea can help to excrete body toxins, help beauty and nourish yin and moisturize.

Drinking tea to maintain health, pay attention to 4 matters

1, Empty stomach tea

Some people like to drink a cup of tea when they get up in the morning to help refresh themselves. However, this is not advisable. Since tea is an alkaline food, it is easy to dilute the body’s stomach acid by drinking tea on an empty stomach. Over time, it may cause digestive problems, which is not conducive to gastrointestinal health.

2, Drink with tea instead of water

Drinking tea needs moderation, drinking tea as water, and not good for health. Because excessive tea drinking, it will cause damage to the metabolism and filtration function of the kidney, which will lead to a decline in renal function.

3, Drink too much tea

Strong tea contains a lot of oxalic acid, and drinking too much is easy to induce kidney stones. In addition, if you drink strong tea at night, it will also cause people’s nerves to be excited, making it difficult to fall asleep and reduce the quality of sleep. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink too much tea when drinking tea.

4, Malnourished people do not drink tea

People who have malnutrition should not drink tea. The presence of tannic acid in tea leaves reacts with iron and produces precipitated substances, which can hinder the body’s absorption of iron and may cause anemia.