Who is suitable for eating sweet potatoes?

Sweet potato is a kind of potato food that is very common in our life. Although sweet potato is so common, don’t underestimate the sweet potato. The nutritional value of sweet potato is not low, the property is mild, and it is eaten for most friends. Not a small benefit. So how do sweet potatoes eat the most scientific? Who is best for sweet potatoes?

Sweet potato is a kind of typical tuber-like potato food. The potato food is characterized by rich carbohydrates, rich minerals and dietary fiber. Potato food is a kind of food that is now suitable to replace the “exquisite staple food”. The so-called exquisite staple food actually refers to “fine grain”. The pastas (such as noodles, buns, steamed buns, steamed buns, dumplings, etc.) made by our usual white rice and white wheat flour can be called fine grains, because they actually will be before the appearance. After the strict treatment of the process, especially the impurity, although the rice and wheat flour we usually eat are pure and free of impurities, compared with ten or twenty years ago, the rice is basically not used for rice, although the health The aspect has been strengthened, but there are also great losses, such as the loss of wheat bran ingredients, while the loss of a large amount of dietary fiber, the loss of dietary fiber accelerates the digestion and absorption of food, glucose enters the blood faster, and the blood sugar rises after meals. Suitable for patients with high blood sugar and diabetes.

However, sweet potato can provide rich carbohydrates and provide glucose energy to the human body. It does not process multiple processing like the delicate staple food, and loses more nutrients. The sweet potato retains rich dietary fiber, so the recommended method is to mix sweet potatoes with sweet potatoes. For food, such as sweet potato rice, sweet potato porridge, or directly replace the staple food. If the sweet potato is eaten extra, it will cause excessive intake of sugar due to excessive intake of carbohydrates, so it is the best choice to play on the staple food.

Sweet potato is a staple food suitable for people who need to stabilize blood lipids, blood sugar, and constipation, including weight loss. The rich dietary fiber in sweet potato helps to delay the digestion of food, delay the emptying speed of the stomach, improve satiety, and allow friends who lose weight to avoid taking photos. Into more extra calories, but also allows sugar, lipids to absorb more slowly, but also absorb some cholesterol, fat, help regulate blood sugar and blood lipids; dietary fiber helps to fill the intestine, promote gastrointestinal motility, promote convenience, help Prevent constipation.

Sweet potato sweet, flat, sweet food can appetite and spleen, improve the ability of spleen transport, some friends with poor appetite can eat sweet potatoes properly, can open the stomach. Sweet potato is also rich in pectin and mucous components (plant polysaccharides), which can adhere to the gastrointestinal mucosa and help resist some irritating food attacks. It is very suitable for a friend with bad stomach to eat sweet potato properly, but it can not be eaten too much. The sweet potato has high carbohydrate content, and the excessive consumption of gas is high, which is easy to cause indigestion, abdominal distension and bloating. Sweet potato with millet or glutinous rice is a good stomach food, orange food helps and spleen.

However, the shortcomings of sweet potato are also obvious, that is, the sugar content is high. Although it is suitable for high blood sugar and diabetic patients, it is suitable for sweet potato instead of fine grain. However, if you eat too much, the effect on blood sugar will be greater, so the control of sweet potato is very good. important. It is recommended that the main food should not exceed 2 or 2, and the sweet potato mix fine grain with rice: sweet potato 3:1.

Pay attention to the sweet potato cooking method. Sweet potato is more suitable for steaming, boiling, and roasting. However, it is not suitable for grilling and frying. The starch is not good enough to wrap the oil. It will double the heat. For example, the potatoes of healthy food will become junk after being fried. French fries and chips. For high blood sugar friends should also try to preserve the integrity of sweet potatoes, such as not recommended to make sweet potato mud, will destroy dietary fiber, while allowing starch to be more easily absorbed, soaring sugar soaring.